Common Cold…

One moment it feels like it’s shivering cold,
The next it feels like it’s sweltering hot,
To these extremes, body temperatures sway,
An unquestionable indicator, there’s a problem…
Achu! Achu! It follows…
With unceasing sneezing, and a running nose,
One dare not put a handkerchief down!

They call it Common Cold…
Common, yes it may be,
Recurring every so often,
Affecting so many…
But cold??
It may not be cold, but still it happens…

***Today I awoke well, but it wasn’t even an hour before it all started, all the symptoms of a ‘problem’ with my body….it wasn’t long until it was a full fledged cold…as I do this, I’m down with a cold…Is it weather changes or what?…It makes me feel very sick…I pray by the time tomorrow comes, it’ll be gone.

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


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