Easy Writes…’Sometimes’…

My ‘Sometimes’ posts have been easy, fun writes….
I can go on and on with them for I have lots of ‘sometimes ‘,
I acknowledge all these sometimes for they make my days….each at it’s time or several at play together….

Some ‘Sometimes’ make life interesting, hence worthwhile every moment, yet others make one question the very essence of it….when it’s like one is barely existing…for there seems to be no, what would really be termed as ‘Life’ in the days…But then, these ‘low/bad/down sometimes’ make one appreciate the ‘good sometimes’ when they show up…all on the same, one can only hope the ‘down sometimes’ proves to be worthwhile in the long run, as meaningless as they may be during their time…

Sometime I will get down again to ‘Sometimes’ posts, and see what about me may have changed between then and now…I can only look forward to all the better ‘sometimes’…

As I do this…’Sometimes I feel like going to College, Sometimes, I don’t wanna go to class’ ….I’m experiencing the latter today…no big deal though…today could just have been recap of stuff we’ve been learning, plus being on a Friday, most have the ‘Friday mentality’ so the class is usually so brief….as for me though, I make good of every minute, and even when others leave class early, there’s always something I can do….on the Internet which is very fast at College and unlimited…it’s always good time to indulge in my ‘net surfing’ pastime….as long as I’m online there’s always one thing or the other can check out…



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. frizztext
    May 13, 2011 @ 19:38:56

    easy easy is the rule …


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