Pastimes ‘Sometimes’…

My pastimes ‘sometimes’…

Sometimes I read,
Sometimes I play word games,
Be it Crosswords, Codewords, Scrabble, Word-wheels…
Whichever I please,
Sometimes it’s cooking,
Sometimes it’s baking,
Sometimes it’s crocheting,
Sometimes it’s net browsing,
Sometimes it’s strolling,
Sometimes it’s star and moon gazing…
Sometimes I journal,
Sometimes I blog,
Sometimes I tweet,
Sometimes it’s singing and dancing,
Sometimes it’s taking pictures…Looking forward to acquiring a nice camera…
Sometimes I miss gardening…
If napping is a hobby,
It’s too, in these ‘sometimes’…

All my pastime ‘sometimes’,
Make great solitary pastimes….
Making up my ‘fun-employment’…
They are all fun…

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


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