Sometimes; We Are Different…

Time is made up of sometimes,
As varied as nature is,
So are ‘Sometimes’ as varied as they come…
Sometimes are interesting,
Sometimes are ‘just getting by’ times,
‘Sometimes’ add up to all time…
‘Sometimes’ make up variety time…
Without ‘Sometimes’, it would be monotonous time,
‘There is time for everything’, It is written,
Hence the ‘sometimes’ in life…
Sometimes…get me thinking…
‘There are a myriad of ‘sometimes’,
As many as there are people,
As what people do, how they feel….
For everyone got their ‘sometimes’…
Everyone’s ‘sometimes’ making them up,
No persons ‘sometimes’ are exactly same…
Everyone one is different, hence their ‘sometimes’
I have my ‘sometimes’, you have your ‘sometimes’….

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


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