Rainy Evening…

Dark as they could possibly get,
Heavily pregnant with what they carry,
Were the clouds up above,
Any moment they could open up,
Pouring it all out down here…

One after another heavy drops fell,
As if pacing what was to follow,
Soon every pore seemed to open,
As they came down in torrents,
Umbrellas could barely help their bearers,
On and on it heavily rained,
On streets, puddles n’ streams formed,
Lucky were only those with boots…!

It like officially announced,
Beginning of the rainy season,
Choosing a time, when many would witness it!
**It’s towards 10pm as I do this. Class ended at 8pm as usual. Just as I got to the bus pick-up point, the clouds decided it was time…and so they opened up! The situation at the stage couldn’t get any worse, the rains adding salt to the injury of scarcity of Public Service vehicles apparently due to fuel shortage that had been there all day…There was such a long queue waiting for the vehicles that would be available, it was still raining heavily the moment I finally got into a car, my trousers half-way wet and my feet soaked, despite being in closed shoes, water found it’s way in…
At such times, one wishes the rains would only be at the farms where they are needed…But God makes it rain everywhere…
I thank God for the rains, despite the inconveniences, one got to cope with it all…

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


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