Finally, Eighth Sunday…

After several Sundays of registering ladies enrolling for the Women of Impact (WoI) Bible Study, the BS started well on the 27th February 2011. During the registration one of the frequently asked question was ‘How long would it take?’The BS takes eight (8) weeks which means eight (8) Sundays. 8 weeks! Some would find it an awfully long time/ many Sundays when one is expected to get to Church earlier than usual for those who attend Second Service or leave Church later than usual for those who attend First Service, given that the BS hour is time between the two services.

Today April 17, 2011, mark the end of the eight (8) weeks /Sundays!! Was it to be that soon? Time’s like been flying….

Some who registered never attended, others dropped out at some point for various reasons and others missed  some classes, as long as one didn’t miss four or more classes, the moms organize for make up classes else one is not to be on the graduates/ commissioning list….

It’s been a wonderful eight (8) weeks /Sundays for those who managed to remain committed to the BS. The BS is all about fellowship where ladies learn, share, bond etc. It’s been exciting and some ladies were asking for more of such….they go like ‘Is there another book we are going to be doing together?’ We’ve been thinking along those lines…like we should be having continuity of the Bible Studies and not only the seasonal WOI BS currently there. Still on the same, there are groups which already have that, organizing amongst themselves to do various devotional books together as ladies instead of joining other Church Bible Studies…

For now, we look forward to the commissioning day…it’s going to be a colorful occasion for sure!!  What with all the ladies being commissioned uniformly dressed for the occasion in White tops, Black skirt or pants-whatever one like- and blue scarves whose use (tying them) is limited to one’s imagination….one can put it on as stylishly as they fancy!

I remember how excited I was on our Commissioning day which was on October 17th 2010…the same day I was assigned two ladies to take through the Study at their time of convenience….we used to have our classes on Thursdays 4-5pm which was really good relaxed time….In addition to those two, this time round I had other seven, unfortunately one of them dropped out on the forth Study because of her work schedule, but she’s still my daughter…

Anyway, it’s  great being a mother and mothering…Ones a mother always one…one doesn’t just bear and neglect…it’s up to a mom to keep up with being one…what’s more…when responsibilities become many…I can now gladly designate some tasks…and also look forward to my daughters being mothers too…

Happy for today, for the weeks past, and looking forward to all days ahead in service in the ladies Ministry..It’s the one area I feel comfy with and my desire is to do all I can to gladly being of service knowing I’m doing it for my Lord….Impacting Ladies for the God…bearing in mind it’s not about studying a book through, based on various topics, but rather the the application of the same in one’s day to day life whenever wherever



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