God Shall Meet These Needs….


Yesterday I wrote a post on financial matters. That’s not my everyday kind of post, but as my blogs tagline says…on this space, ‘Anything goes’, for I write from my day to day encounters and experiences which inspire my posts here…one can not be sure what a day will bring forth…it’s more so the case when one isn’t confined to routine sort of activities…so again ‘anything goes.

That brings me to the point that my yesterday’s post was triggered by something that just happened to me around the house….which really got me thinking….

It was at the time of my usual morning ablutions and I got to the shelf where I put my stuff. I look around and…The face cream tube is almost totally empty, no lotion- I had to ‘borrow’ my sister’s, no hand cream, no hair food, no body scrub, no hair removal cream, no favorite lip balm….I mean it’s like everything has run out!!! The only thing that was there was some deodorant of which I couldn’t remember when I bought, I basically haven’t been using it so I can’t even tell for how long it’s been there. I look at it and it’s past the expiry date…so did the necessary…trashed it….

Back to the things I need…all those listed above and more are just basic needs…no luxuries…and I don’t have them. The next thing, I got to do the calculations of the cost of replenishing the personal effects shelf…looking at the figure I’m like Oh My!! The sum for those needs exceeds even my week allowance!! That’s where the thought about budgeting-which I posted about yesterday, came in…

There I was doing some budgeting…this time round I had a calculator at hand since I felt like my mind wasn’t in a state to handle even simple calculations…

Here is the problem…I was budgeting for money I even don’t have! Last week I got to ask I be given this week’s allowance. I needed that money for the cost of acquiring a certain document which I urgently needed to apply for….So that meant one thing…no money this week! Some of the little I had left on Sunday, I used it to buy data bundles…How would I do without Internet…that would really depress me…It’s such a state I am in…as a result, I haven’t gone anywhere since Monday, that would mean spending money which I don’t have…I even missed yesterday’s midweek Church service which I love attending…I mean, I’m that broke….I look at me, I’m like ‘Shiro, it won’t always be like this….’

You are reading this and you are asking ‘why does she post such stuff unashamedly?’ Oh yeah, I’m posting it since a day is coming when I’ll look back at it and have nothing but a praise report for the level I’ll be at in life…my personal effects shelf will be filled to overflow…and not just with survival stuff, but with all the choice cosmetics a lady like me ought to have….I suppose it would also make it easy incase I will think of writing my autobiography…this would just be a copy and paste for a certain sub-chapter….

Even with this hardships, I’ll still walk tall with my neck high, well clad, looking good as always…it doesn’t matter the state of my wallet…I know a Jehovah Jireh…He’s my provider, It may appear like I’m lacking but no…the flow will come and it’s Him to glorify….

Philippians 4:19 ‘My God shall meet all my needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus’

….Yes Lord, I look up to you….You who even know how important that favorite lip-balm is to me…



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  1. Koos Faro
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 23:06:05

    An unpleasant situation!! Although you are missing basic things, you stay confident and look forward to God’s provision. – ‘Your God shall meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus’!!


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