Financial Matters…


In my formative years in school, lessons associated with financial matters were some of the core courses one had to undertake. In primary school and junior high School (Form 1 and 2), the subject for this was Business Education, which was split to Accounting, Commerce and Economics in Senior High (Form 3 and 4) and later in First year in the University, it was Quantitative Skills I and II which was a common course.

Some terms I came across during all this courses were ‘Budget’ and ‘Budgeting’. A ‘budget’ is plan of expenditure and ‘budgeting’, the planning of how resources, in this case money, are to be used or simply put, process of laying out the budget. So we learned.

Every other day one is faced with the task of planning to use the money one has. I’m not one of those obsessed with budgeting for every coin putting it down on paper and all. However, in one way of the other one has to do some budgeting of sorts whether one writes it down or just processes it in the mind.

Budgeting is good when one has the money at hand, thus the problem is like half solved, since what is left is setting out how to use it. Problem is, when one gets or has to budget for money they even don’t have!! This is what stress is made up of…When one isn’t certain where the next coin will come from since there is no guaranteed income source at the moment, or one is dependent on some allowance thus one can expect it but it’s limited to a certain amount which for sure isn’t enough to meet one’s needs…thus one is just getting by…merely surviving….

Looking at my current situation I’m in the latter category. I feel that I have over-lived dependence thanks to unemployment and I’m yet to establish some business which I can depend on for income…

Dear God,

You well know my financial situation at the moment, I trust you for a breakthrough n this. I look forward to that worthwhile job which will earn me a start up living and also I’m committing my business ideas to you. I thank you for you are bringing it all to pass and these financial problems, which I too well know and are so discomfiting will be a thing of the past.



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  1. Koos Faro
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 23:05:39

    Thanks for writing about this subject. You did not mince around! It can be a major cause for stress and depression, we should always try to avoid. I pray that the joy of the Lord will be your strength, every day. And that this thing will be something of the past, as soon as possible. God bless you in all these things!


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