Good When Functioning…Else…


It was Saturday 9th April, when I was awoken by a call from my friend and neighbor. I had tried calling her on Friday evening but she didn’t pick up. It was the day of a beloved’s funeral, which I wasn’t sure I was going to attend, since I hadn’t registered with the organized transport means to the funeral. My friend told me they had decided they’d be going, and would use their car. We set off quite late since we had to wait up for their friends who were to join us in that car after opting not to use theirs since it’s a fuel guzzler of sorts…in this hard economic times, it’s always good to save where possible in this case, using one car which is a low fuel consumer…

We got to Karatina, in Central Kenya, the town we were to going to, where we stopped to fuel the car at the closest petrol station before proceeding to the homestead where the funeral ceremony was at. It’s at that petrol station that my friends met other friends of theirs from church who were also headed to the funeral. Unfortunately, their car had experienced a problem and was being checked.  Around the same time, others also headed to the funeral, and joined us at the petrol station. As a sign of oneness, they decided to all wait for the car with issues to be fixed so that we could all go together. Unfortunately, it turned out that the issue couldn’t be either diagnosed there, all attempts failed! Time wasn’t on our side…The owners of that car decided to leave it there and hire a taxi to the funeral venue, since all the other cars were didn’t have any space left.

We got to the funeral venue when the ceremony was still proceeding. It went well till the very painful end at the grave…

After the funeral, my neighbors who I had travelled with together with other friends were invited to join another of their couple friends to visit their upcountry home around that area, for ‘lunch’ though it was already past 5pm. I had no option but to join them.

The short notice ‘swallowship’ as they called it to mean eating together, cum fellowship went well. It wasn’t until almost 9pm that we left for Nairobi. We stopped shortly at Karatina, where our one of us had left his car- he was among those who were at the ‘swallowship’.  As a result of his car breaking down, he had to remain there and wait till the next day to have the car towed to a mechanic who would be able to handle the problems with it. The rest of us, a convoy of three vehicles set off for journey back to Nairobi. One of the cars speeded ahead, the one with one of our pastors who was with us, but the other two followed each other.

We had travelled like a third of the journey when the other car which was ahead of us showed indicators that it had an issue and thus pulled to the nearest petrol station…so we also followed…It had encountered a puncture! It was other long minutes before the puncture was fixed…the wheel had to be replaced with that car’s spare…after which we continued with the journey….

We got to Thika, where the couple sharing my neighbor’s car had left theirs, and so they picked it, we were back to the three cars convoy… A few miles after embarking on our journey the same car which had a puncture encountered another one!!!

Before we could pull off the road, we heard a loud crash like sound, of which we didn’t immediately realize what it was…it turned out that a car speeding in the opposite direction lost its track, getting to our lane, it happened so fast before our driver could pull away a bit, the other car had passed so close, narrowly missing the car body but hitting the side mirror, folding it inwards, with such an impact on the front window, though it’s the side mirror that broke!

The owner of the car that had been picked from Thika and was kind of speeding ahead reversed to join the rest of us to attend to the puncture that just happened. It turned out that this time round, it’s his spare wheel which saved the day since the one my neighbor had was quite small for the other car…It was already past mid-night by the time we were done fixing that puncture.

With that, we could only pray that there be no other car issues for the rest of the journey…it was to be an early day at Church come Sunday morning and there we were still on the road past midnight….

Those were enough car incidents happening all in a day!

Automobiles like electronics are good only when functioning. Any breakdown is such stressor…Now my neighbor has a side mirror to fix, and our there is a wheel to be bought for the other car!

Thankfully, there were no other car incidents, we got home way past 1a.m though…tired, sleepy and all, though looking forward to the following day, Sunday 10th April…



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  1. Koos Faro
    Apr 15, 2011 @ 23:19:32

    What a story!! Yes, you can experience a lot of things in one day with a car. I know it myself. In the past my right mirror broke on a trip to the United Kingdom, and that was the main mirror I needed in that country. It could only be repaired with an original right mirror from the UK, without paying money because I had no British Pounds with me; very friendly! After that time I drove with two ‘special’ mirrors, one on the left side for driving left, and one on the right for driving on the right side of the road…. Very often I had to explain why there were the two special mirrors!
    Thank God you safely returned!


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