I Spoke, Was Listened To…


Last Sunday was the 6th Sunday since we started the Women of Impact Bible study, thus we were supposed to be on study 6. The two previous Sundays were so disappointing with my daughters turning up late for the BS. The time keeper I am, that kind of really upset me.

It turned out to be a very sad morning, one of our pastor’s had lost his wife on Saturday. This coupled with my feeling bad about my daughters lateness, made me be in a really somber mood. I didn’t feel like taking us through the study for that day. It was yet another day that they were late, being already past BS start time and all of them were yet to arrive, with no apologies for lateness.  With that, I settled for us not to do the study of the day but just chat. It is then that I decided I had to speak it out on the lateness issue….I talked to them best I could, letting them know that they had hurt me with their being so late while I’m always early. Those who had always been late apologized and we agreed they’ll be checking on time. We also decided that come next Sunday-today 10th April, we’d meet half an hour earlier  than the usual BS hour so that we catch up on some BS study topics.

Come today 10th April, even after having gotten home late last night, way past 1a.m, we were coming from a funeral, I made it to wake up early, prepare myself and go to Church as usual, early. On my way to Church, one of my daughters called me to ask me what time we were to meet- it was to be at 10a.m, she told me she was already at Church! True, some minutes later when I got to Church, she was there!! Before long, the others also came though some minutes late past the agreed time. I was so impressed and we had a good time, we talked about the week that was, and  did the studies we had for today…all in time!

They were also excited that today, we ended the BS in such a good time, enough minutes before Church service began such that one even had ample time to go do the usual ladies sprucing up….! ‘You see what being on time does?’ , I posed to them…’Oh, yeah! It was so nice today, that we got to do so much and complete in good time…’, they responded…..

I’m glad that they took heed to my call in time keeping; today I was a very happy mother!! I spoke out, was heard, listened to and obeyed…Thanks are to God….



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  1. Koos Faro
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 22:57:00

    That should be a great experience for you! To talk about it, but great to see you came out with each other. Indeed, all glory to God who builds His Church!
    Beautifully written.


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