Mention exams time and you well know what that means….books and more of books…..

Haha! Not so for me though…Well, exams need preparation which means lots of reading. Students will read everything available on the subject, look at revision questions and all…in readiness for the exams…When it comes to exam time, I’ve always been so relaxed…I imagine I have read enough and as long as I have the course content covered, I will apply that knowledge come the exams….Yes, I do scheme through notes the last minute…but no pressure…I don’t like it when I get into an exam room before time and some people are discussing notes and checking on revision questions…I avoid such for I see it as recipe for confusion and panic if someone raises a question of which one is not so certain of the answer…

It’s been exams week for me…The week I had looked forward to…I wasn’t in a position to do much studies on my courses, since I had some issues here and there and reading course work that needs lots of concentration wasn’t one thing I wanted to do….sometimes my moods just rule…I was confident though, that I know enough and all I needed was going through what I wasn’t so sure of…that I did without pressuring myself much…Carrying with me the ‘I am an above average Student’ mentality has always given me such confidence that no matter what, exams are to be passed!

The exams started on Monday, had two papers then during morning hours. Paper one for that day was quite easy…finished in a flash…come paper II, it was another story altogether…It was quite challenging, but still, good enough thus surely passable.

The next paper was on Wednesday, it was so long…….and quite tough too…again, no worry…as long as over 70% of the paper looks o.k…that’s fine…plus…’Above average…’mentality….I dare not forget that it always sees me through…

The last two papers were today Friday, in the afternoon. I finished the first paper within no time…followed by the second paper…by the time I handed in my work for the second paper, some people were still on the first paper!! This I was later to hear my course mates say after the exams…They were nice papers, though some questions were tricky. I don’t waste time re-thinking those I’m not so sure of…I just put down what I can and complete as fast…

With that, exams for the first of the course I’m pursuing  are as good as completed, and I’m sure I have passed.

I thank God for the mind He gave me….




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  1. Koos Faro
    Apr 09, 2011 @ 15:42:04

    I really enjoy how you write on exams. For many people that would taking away the unnecessary fear of it. People are discussing and checking because they are not sure about the subject and the answers. Thank God when someone can rest upon knowledge, assurance and experiences, and know what to answer! – yes, thank God for the mind He gave you!


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