As Bad As It Could Get…But…


I woke up with a start to find my head feeling so heavy raising it up was so almost impossible. Waking up with a headache is never any good, one feels the day is up to a bad start. To make matters worse in my case, my upper abdomen was also hurting badly, and I know too well what that pain is- ulcerous pain which ca get so bad that eve standing upright becomes a problem. In the state I was in, I couldn’t get out of bed…I just stayed in bed snoozing a little longer to see whether the pains would subside…After being in bed long enough, feeling no better and the sun was already up, I though I’d rather get up and while away time around the house instead of just lying in bed. On getting out of bed, I didn’t have the energy or motivation to do anything constructive. The TV watcher I’m not, I put the set on, just to pass time. Luckily, there was an interesting movie showing on one of the local stations and so I watched on. Watching TV is usually so easy, I think an ideal time killer….Soon the movie ended and before I knew it was already midday news showing…I even watched News…I can’t recall when I lastly sat down to watch news…

The hours dragged by, and thankfully, I think due to passing time without thinking anything much, the headache and ulcer pains kind of subsided, but the head continued feeling hazy….

It was some time later in the afternoon, I had my laptop next to me as usual, on the bed, then I suddenly remembered I had left some milk to boil…I got up to rush to the kitchen…in my rush,  my foot  accidentally  got the laptops power cord and pulled it so strongly that the next thing I heard was a thud, which meant one thing…my laptop had fallen on the floor with such an impact…My heart must have missed a beat then…

Looking what lay on the floor, the laptop battery was on its own, the compact disk drive was ejected and almost detached from the laptop! All terrible thoughts imaginable in such a situation ran through my mind. I picked it up, put the parts together and tried putting on the machine. The power indicator would come up, the hard disk drive indicator would show a bit then go off, and the screen…black! She just wasn’t booting up. I was like OMG! As if the day wasn’t bad enough, my laptop gets spoilt! I couldn’t imagine the costs of running a proper diagnosis on the laptop leave alone trying to fix anything…devastation is made up of such times….

I looked for my screws drivers, but I don’t usually have the right ones for the laptop’s base screws. In such cases, improvisation works…think trying using the knives edges….I had to get everything apart and put them back together just incase the memory and HDD had gotten loose as a result of the impact. The screws on the HDD part totally refused to be unscrewed, I don’t know how, since I remember I’m the one who put them in place sometime back as I was just doing detach-re-attach parts work…My hands were so shaky as I tried to undo the screws…All I did was remove the RAM and put it back….but still the machine didn’t boot up…Feeling so frustrated I just held my laptop close…imagining time without her…it was so painful…

After a few minutes I tried putting her up again…I was yet to re-attach the base cover I had removed….This time the screen came up and the boot up process continued!!!!! I felt like screaming with joy!

That was a miracle that just happened….It’s so rare to have a laptop sustain such a fall and come out of it still functional…even the almost detached compact disk drive is working….

I’m typing this on my laptop which could have been history today….I so love her, she couldn’t afford to leave me…

From this experience, one thing is so true…Original is best…my laptop is a branded one and was quite expensive when I bought it…then laptops were so expensive and still not very common in this parts especially with students…I was among the first at campus to acquire one….

With that shocking incident, I’ll always be very careful where I place my laptop, and where the power cords are…

That incident made me shaken enough….



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  1. Koos Faro
    Apr 09, 2011 @ 16:18:51

    I’m very happy for you that your laptop is still intact and functioning! It is a miracle. You can be perfect in everything settle and think, and yet we make mistakes. Often when we are scared of, we get from our pattern. And right then we are in the laptop cord entanglement…. (I know from experience! Just the same as you did).
    I like the story.. a nice story, just as it often does in our lives.


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