Thought We had It Sorted out…


Week Five (Study 5)

In the Women of Impact Bible Study (WOI BS), week five or study five is usually conducted as a combined study, that is, all the BS groups come together and it’s usually the Ladies Ministry patron who presides over the BS. It’s a BS cum fun time since she poses some questions based on the BS just for fun, at times with rewards for the best responses.

Sunday 27th March was to be the day for the combined BS. I had performed my duty of sending reminder mails and text messages, about the day and timing, to all persons concerned, the BS moms, the BS attendees (daughters) and leaders.

I had looked forward to the day, and even hinted to my daughters what goes on so they could be set for it. I urged them to be punctual following study four’s incident, and we agreed that they should respect time and be early.

Come Sunday, I had to be in Church quite early to ensure all was set for the day. Thankfully, my friend AnnaMarie, was also early and assisted with the preparations.

It was soon time for the BS with the leaders already there, the other moms and their daughters. The first thing that happens at this session is to identify moms and their daughters to check the attendance and all…When it came for my turn, the disappointment that befell me is unspeakable…honestly I felt like crying out of it…How now? I thought we had agreed time keeping was to be observed….unfortunately, my one ever punctual daughter who is so reliable had informed me earlier that she had been called on duty…being in the medical field that is expected and she was absent with apology…The rest turned up so much later when the damage had already been done on me….There I was, was the first to get there together with AnnaMarie, and there were my daughters getting there the last!!! Talk of challenges….if disappointment isn’t made of this then what is it? Being a leader at whatever capacity is no easy…in this case ’mothering’ ladies in BS, and it so happens almost all are older than me….Any way, I have to exercise calmness in all these, and pray that my daughters come to realize how bad it is disrespecting peoples’ time….The time keeper I am….you can only imagine how I felt….



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  1. Koos Faro
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 21:54:26

    Thanks for this story! It’s not always as we would like. But hold on and do not be discouraged. Keep looking at Jesus and explain everything to Him. Everyone is different and many people have strange priorities…. Whether they wear the wrong watches or they follow the wrong time.
    God bless you in everything! He is with you in all things.


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