Laughter, Smiles I Share…

I got to know via tweets on twitter that yesterday 21st March was World Poetry Day. To mark the day, there was the #poetweet tag trending .One of my new followers whom I had just linked on twitter in the morning via someone’s list mentions, informed me of the #poetweet after I had posted a tweet that read ‘Today is #WorldPoetryDay , Do I have a special poem for the day?’, his response was ‘ Btw I’m still waiting for your #poetweet’ I was like’ #poetweet ?’ what’s that? , I went ahead to check what it was all about. I hadn’t seen the trending tag since I had been accessing twitter on mobile Internet –Snaptu which doesn’t list those…My new follower @samnato went ahead to suggest we drop lines and compose one together…’Good idea…’ I thought…
Below is what we came up with….It was a fun way to celebrate World Poetry Day…I thank God for the Internet, where every other day I get to ‘meet ‘ new people…

My thoughts are mine to keep, laughter is what i can share…
If not laughter, smiles I’ll share, to mean I’m well….
When I laugh, I’m saying you are a charmer…
When I don’t, not that you are a bore…
Not that you are selfish either,
You just touched my heart like a fisherman’s catch on a bad day…

© @samnato and @FlicShis


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Koos Faro
    Mar 26, 2011 @ 00:14:09

    Wow…! – today’s words express the way and the intensity we can connect to each other and have an effect. It’s like twitter, but then ‘poetry’ with a maximum of 140 digits, letters e/o symbols.


    • FlicShis
      Mar 26, 2011 @ 11:33:48

      That was a fun piece written with a twitter connection, to mark World Poetry Day….
      Yeah, a poem can be as short as 140 characters…there are also some referred to as 6 words poems…few words, but loaded with meaning…


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