What An Evening…!


I went to Church for Wednesday prayer service as usual. The service stayed longer by some minutes- past 8pm, and when it was over, I left almost immediately after saying hi to a few persons. I didn’t even stay to have some after service tea that’s served; I wanted to get home as soon as possible.

At the public service vehicles (matatu) pick up point, there were barely any vehicles at that time for my route home. So, I had no choice but to take the one that showed up that so many were scrabbling for. Luckily it had stopped at the point I was at thus I didn’t push and shove to get in.

We were only about midway when the driver and the conductor started talking worriedly about the public cars police crack down that could be ahead. True to their word, within some split seconds, there were a crowd of police men just a short distance away and were walking towards the direction we were coming from. Getting to the car I was in, which was moving slowly because of a traffic jam, they stopped the car. I was at the front sit with another passenger and they demanded we get out and get into the other passengers sits which were already full! Two policemen got into the car to occupy the sits where we moved from….Shortly after, after moving just a very small distance, the driver ordered everyone out, saying the car was under arrest!!! For reasons we didn’t know. Why do these policemen carryout this operation at night? Didn’t they have the whole day to do it since it is the same vehicles that have been on the roads all day?? Well, that’s Kenyan policemen for you….

It was like at the middle of nowhere, since there was no stage nearby…Time was passing fast, and could only hope to catch another car for the rest of the journey home…It wasn’t until over half an hour later that a car came by that would get to where I was headed….There appeared to be traffic jam all the way and it was like taking forever to get home. Finally we got to the shopping center where I alight and it was raining! Where did that rain come from? It had been so sunny all day and no signs of clouds…Luckily my pocket umbrella happened to be in my handbag….I got home at last, though over an hour later than I should have if there hadn’t been any mishaps.

When such inconveniencing incidents happen, one can aptly get angry and all…it’s understandable. However, I’ve been working at keeping peaceful no matter what and trying a much as possible not to fire up in anger. Yeah, I could have been mad because of the occurrences but no, I couldn’t allow it, not just because I was from church, no, it’s for the reason aforementioned – purposed to be peaceful…

In line with this, I try to look at the positive things around. For today, after getting home, the television was on and the news for the day was being presented. I barely watch TV, but for the few minutes I looked, some news was up, that so many areas around the city were experiencing a power outage…I got thinking well, it’s common to have power loss when it gets to rain abruptly as it’s happening tonight, but here I am, there is power around this area!! That is something positive to be glad and thankful about….

Dear Lord,

In the face of bad incidents and adversities, help me to see or think of something positive around me. May the banner of positivity wave more and more, and may I be like clothed with it.



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  1. Koos Faro
    Mar 17, 2011 @ 00:05:46

    What a special story…. But above all what a wise advice would you give the readers. I’m glad you’re home safely! And thank you for your ‘something’ positive: ‘What an evening…!’


  2. Umamaheswari.A
    Mar 17, 2011 @ 03:01:19

    What a positive way of thinking!Loved your attitude.True,sometimes being calm saves us energy


  3. Dan
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 10:32:18

    it interesting the way you are able to discuss the small things that affect each one of us in our day to day lives in your blogs….in a way that doesnt come out as baring linen.. this is a feat that many of us cant achieve. Readers can easily identify with your experiences and it feels like its happening to us… good blogging


    • FlicShis
      Mar 18, 2011 @ 16:20:02

      Yeah, I blog mostly from day to day happenings, trying to make stories or poems out of everything….if I were to write it all,I’d have so many posts a day….You should check out ‘Not Broken, But Dead’, ‘Clean Enough to Die’ ‘What a Day,What a Moment’ posts….
      Thanks dear. Your comment greatly encourages me to keep blogging….
      You too can do it very well…


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