It’s Real, It Happens…


Every other day people pass on. One gets to hear from broadcast media, see and read from the obituary pages of the dailies, hear from others etc. One gets this information without it being anything much like a big deal- after all, it’s just another death that just occurred, and well, it’s part of every other day’s news.

When it comes to knowing that, someone one knows, someone close, or even someone who one  feels they know, is no more, it’s a different story altogether. That’s when the reality of death really hits. I remember some time back, when news papers were the only source of information, and the fanatic for the dailies I was, I had to go through the news papers every day, this was when I was in boarding school. The newspaper was the one link to the world beyond the school gates. Going through the news paper, the obituaries pages was one of the must pass through, why I used to do it, I couldn’t tell. There came a day, going through the newspaper for that day, I landed on the obituaries pages as usual. I vividly remember seeing right at the top of the page the picture of my favorite aunt!! ‘A death announcement for my aunt!!!? What??? What had happened?? Was this the way I was to know about it??’ What followed shortly after that, I can’t tell, for the next time I could see or take note of anything, I was at the dormitories…and was trying to recollect what had happened for the last time I clearly remembered I was at the school library, reading the newspaper…..!!

Whenever I hear of  someone I know passing on, I’m reminded of that horrific incident. She was not just an aunt, she was the person who all my years till then, had been closest to me. Saying I was devastated is an understatement. Even in her absence, she is the dearest I’ve ever had, and thoughts of her recur as often, the wounds are just as fresh. When that happening replays within me, I identify with the pain of other people losing someone they love, so close, who is like the world to them…since that is what my aunt was to me… I cannot compare the closeness between us to any other family member, relative or friend, not even my own mother…

It is Sunday 6th March, that we got to learn of the passing on of one of our pastor’s wife. What sad news to bear on a whole Sunday morning?  I sympathize with him so much, I know too well how it is to lose someone.

Death; much as it happens every other day, I don’t think one can ever really comes to terms with it. The pain it brings to those left behind is just too much. The thought that someone you’ve like always been with and known for as long is no more, that one won’t be seeing them anymore, is just so difficult to bear, but one got to deal with it, leave with it.

Death happens, it’s real. It may be difficult to comprehend, but then, it is a reality one has to contend with as long as one is alive……



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Koos Faro
    Mar 08, 2011 @ 23:22:32

    Thank you for this profound and moving story. I can not add anything and I know what you are talking about. You have very beautiful and clearly written about something many people prefer not to think. But it’s real, it happens…


    • FlicShis
      Mar 09, 2011 @ 12:01:06

      As my tag line on this space says….’Anything goes’ on here, I think about anything, and can post about anything…. that’s just me…speaking my mind via blogging…


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