A Kindness Act I Experienced..


I was very disappointed that this person who’d so promised to get the kind of paper I needed to print my work on didn’t really do that even after giving him all those days to get it. I left the premises feeling very let down…now this was delaying my pilot project…This threatened to thwart my hopes in the success of this project.

‘There are so many people who you can contract for the same job’….you may be thinking or offering…but I didn’t feel right to withdraw the contract from him until I get to see what he can do, and also, this person happens to have good people skills, like he is polite, and getting such people to do some business with in the city is quite difficult….so I’d rather just give him a chance and see how it goes…

However, even with this decision, there was still a problem…Where is the paper? Should I wait until he gets the right paper…while time is still passing? Do I wait for more disappointments on what I want?  NO!  There and then I made up my mind to go in search of that paper. Sample in hand, I set out to look for that quality of paper.’ At times, if you really want to get something done you have to do it yourself‘, I thought.

I got to town and I didn’t know where to start, so I just got in to the nearest stationery shop I could find. ‘Do you have such kind of print paper?’, ‘No’ was the answer. I checked out several other seemingly well established stationery shops but was met by the same response. ‘Do I give up?’ A big ‘NO’ to that, it must be available somewhere…

I then saw another of those ‘for all your stationery needs’ boards which directed to a shop on an upper floor of a building, whatever made me decide to go into it…I don’t know, but I walked on…I missed the shop since they were quite a number of shops on that floor which all appeared to have the same products….I walked into one of the shops and the attendant directed me to a printing shop right across his stall. I don’t think he got my question…I was looking for paper not a printing place…All the same I went to that printing stall.  I got a man there who I asked about that paper whether he had it for his printing job…yet another ‘no’…He however didn’t stop there…he went on to explain that that paper was rare since it’s not for your regular printing work in most places. However, it was available…now that’s the affirmation I needed…that the paper could be found…’Do you know of a place I can get it?’ I eagerly asked, my hopes already set on high…he gave me directions to one of the major stationery distributors around named ‘Eagle Stationeries’, but I wasn’t sure I got the directions right…and the place he was directing me to, was quite a distance from where I was at-right at the heart of the CBD. After all, I don’t really know the city so well… some streets one may be directed to would be difficult to trace…and along those little known of streets, it so happens that’s where ‘real’ business is…you’ll get anything imaginable there. ‘Other than that place, could there be any where else nearer?’, I went on to ask…

“Let’s go I show you where you can go see whether they have it.  If you miss there, at Eagle products they must be having it”, he said. ‘Did I just hear right? A stranger offering to show me around….! Could I have sounded so anxious and looked like I really did not get his directions?’, as this was racing in my mind he was already on his feet on the way out of the shop and I followed him out. He closed his shop, to go show me where I could go check for what I was after!! We walked along the streets, upto some place where he could conveniently show me where to go…’You see that white and blue building there…walk on to that place turn to your left….’ He went on to explain, I was sure I had gotten the directions then and thanked him for that. So I walked on with hope upon hope.

I didn’t even have to go to the famous ‘Eagle Stationeries’. Walking along the street I was directed to, I noticed a couple of stationery shops and walked into one…only to be directed to another where my search ended. I found the quality of paper I was looking for!!

I remember updating my twitter status like ‘I remember some object known as a compass, at such times like this, it would come in handy.’ That was triggered by the location of the street I was directed to. It is one of those places before then, I couldn’t imagine they existed around Nairobi!!

Thanks to that act of kindness I experienced from a stranger. May God bless that man in all his endeavors for the help he offered. If that was not utter kindness, then what was it?

I’m so glad my venture to go out looking for paper was not in vain.



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  1. Koos Faro
    Mar 07, 2011 @ 19:14:15

    A thrilling serial! Wonderful and congratulations you’ve found the right paper. You are tenacious and determined! Indeed, thank God for kind people. May God bless that man!


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