Disappointments Happen…


I wanted to have something printed. It wasn’t just another print job. It was something I wanted printed on some specific special paper for the purpose it’s intended for. So I set out to check out whom to contract for the job. I decided first not to go far, but rather see whether I would give someone from my locality the job…It came as an after thought though…and I settled for it. I therefore went to a place offering print services in the neighborhood, the best I would say, since it’s like the one computer services place I know of at the estate’s shopping centre. Talking with the person running the business, I explained very clearly what I wanted and he was positive that he would be able to do it. I looked at the print paper he had, unfortunately, he didn’t have the quality of paper I wanted, however, he said it was possible to get such kind of paper I was talking about, of which I even had a sample-something similar to what I wanted print. All that happened last Friday-25th February. He promised to have the quality of paper I wanted as soon as later in the day, and do the printing for me since I needed it. Come evening I went to check what he had, but unfortunately, he still didn’t have as good quality of paper as I had advised. Hence I had to postpone the deal…for Saturday…Unfortunately, my last Saturday -26th February was fully booked with activities at Church since as early as before 7a.m., hence didn’t get to check on whether he had gotten anything better….

When I contacted him over the week about the papers, he said he had them but unluckily he was out of the business premises, and I didn’t want to deal with the assistant person there. Come yesterday, he happened to be out of town and by the time he was to be back, I was to be at College. So we agreed today was to be the day the job got done. On getting in touch with him today morning, he still happened to be occupied elsewhere thus referring me to his assistant who he was to give instructions on my work but said he would be there later.

I went and met the assistant, and went ahead to tell him what I wanted. On showing me the paper he had been instructed was to be used for my work, it was still not satisfactory!! I disappointedly left the place.

Many a times, things, projects, deals….name it don’t turn out the way we want them to. There are delays, dissatisfaction, disagreements, people going against their promises, disappointments, and all. It is quite inconveniencing and one would be tempted to give up as one loses patience. That is the world of business we have around. With such instances, patience and calmness is to be exercised, while keeping positive that things are going to turn out well…

I still want to have the print work done, a week later yes, it’s yet to be done, but somehow, the project I have in mind has to be accomplished. It should be as soon as possible and I’m working at having it done, and not just done but done well-quality work will dictate the success of my project.




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  1. Koos Faro
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 16:29:01

    Such situations happen, unfortunately, sometimes in our lives! You can write as much detail that a reader is wholly involved. I think that’s wonderful. As a reader, you experience an emotion than even for something to do! Hopefully it comes right on time with your printing! I wonder what it is…
    Thanks for your fine writing.


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