Not Broken, But Dead…


My Flask

I bought a thermos  in 2005, just after reporting to University as a first year student. I had gotten it from a market stall where one gets the greatest bargains on items, making one wonder where some of those items are sourced from…I had to buy a thermos flask though…with my lean student budget, I had to go for the cheapest in the market, as long as it would serve the purpose-that was to be confirmed after using it...I can’t  recall getting that flask packaged in a carton as I see the upmarket thermos packaged…those which even come with ‘How to use **name of make/label** flask’..this only adds to the consumers cost! This flask that cost  KSh 150 that is barely 2$ going by today’s exchange rates, was to turn out to be a best buy! It kept hot hot-extremely-even for days, and cold cold. It didn’t have that marketing line though, as I see in the ‘classic’ looking flasks…it was just that-a simple one litre in capacity, functional thermos flask, brown shell color-the only one that was there thus I had no choice but to buy it…

As I was washing utensils today, I decided to do a thorough washing of my thermos- opening it up, separating the cover and the  flask and the adjoining parts…I normally use it just for water but recently my sister has been putting tea in it, hence my decision to do the aforementioned. That I did and I put the  various parts on a rack to dry…

The Worst happens..

It was only shortly after I had washed it and was still at the sink  cleaning other utensils when I was startled by such a loud blast-Bwap! That meant one thing my flask was no more….’My flask!!’ I almost cried out loud…you can be sure tears gathered in my eyes seeing what had become of it…Broken into tiny pieces, totally shattered! Some item had accidentally fallen from a higher level than it was and landed on it..

Over all these years of having this flask, I had become so attached to it- you know how some items become so part of you given that you use them daily, what they do for you, and may be what they remind you of….That was how my flask was to me…

If I am to use the word we use in my mother-tongue (Kikuyu) to refer to what happened to my flask, the word is ‘kua’ translating to ‘die’ in English

Now here I am, mourning the ‘death’ of my flask…It died being very clean, every part sparkling clean…I miss my flask so much already…I felt so bad about it breaking or rather dying..and now as I think of it, I should have taken a picture then…before sweeping, collecting and dumping what was left of my beloved flask…which I so loved…It even gave me a story to write/tell, that’s how important it was to me…



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Koos Faro
    Mar 04, 2011 @ 00:26:46

    You have a beautiful and sad story written about your thermos! Fascinating.
    Sometimes you can be very attached to simple, practical things. Even so, that they are part of your daily life. And then, when something breaks or is lost, it can be a great loss. It is unfortunate that your fine thermos broke down! If you want, I can give you a new thermos, but probably no better.
    Thank you for today’s instructive story!


  2. Sharky
    Nov 15, 2012 @ 20:44:56

    This happened to me. I was at work in the mess. It had nice warm tea inside it. Down of my locker it fell. Then I had to pick up all the broken bit’s. It was 5am cold, dark and really fking miserable. My eyes filled up too!


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