My All-Time Hobby…


Long before I started this blog where I’ve been sharing my mind via the posts I send here, I had been doing quite an amount of scribblings on whatever space  I could get, talk of paper, note books, book margins…as long as space is writable on, and I’d a pen at hand. At times with pen in hand, I’d get myself even writing on my palm or arm anything of interest that would come to mind, only for me to see the scribblings when I go to wash my hands! Then I’d not proceed with the hand-washing exercise but had to look for some place to transfer what’s on the hands lest it be washed off.

Throughout my being in school I did not like giving out my notebooks to fellow classmates lest they would come across some jots not meant for everyone, or worse still, they’d get to me asking what the writings on the sides or wherever were, whether they were related to the class notes…that would happen thanks to my illegible handwriting on those scribblings, crafted only for my eyes. I counted this ‘dirty’ / unclear handwriting as an advantage, since it’s not always  I would refuse to give out notes, for the sake of avoiding being labeled ‘mean’. Even if someone saw the margin writings, deciphering them would be difficult.Much as I kept to myself a lot~ ‘anti-social’, I was labeled yes but,  ‘mean with knowledge’ no. As a way above average student, I had to assist others a lot in most subjects.

Up to date even with this space active, I scribble any where I can. I will scribble on paper, on the hand, I may get a handbag/pocket notebook for something in particular like capturing the sermons but it’ll end up doubling up as scrap space  starting from the back pages. My class work writing pads  and course work texts books aren’t spared either!

Thanks to my mobile phone, I type stuff as a message or note, and save them. As a result, my phone’s ‘Draft Messages’ , ‘Saved Messages’ and notes folders,  are piled every other day when I’m on the move…

I  write anything that shows up in my mind be it a thought, observation, anything….Holding stuff in mind disturbs me. I also do very little talking if any, since most of the time I’m all alone in the house, and the time I’m with people around is so brief and occupied- my two hours at college lessons for weekdays- thus no talk time…My talking is through my postings on social networks, especially on twitter, my recently found love….But even when I am free with persons I can talk with and there is talk time, I talk very little, only when it’s very necessary…when it comes to talking, I  run short of what to say, but come to doing this, words just flow..I become unstoppable…

I think I can confidently term writing as a an all-time hobby that I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I’m thankful for this platform- Internet / Blog where I’m able to share my thoughts. I’m also grateful that I have the confidence to write and share.

The other day, I came across a well folded already discolored piece of paper containing some writes which I could date back to my teenage years, I even did not finish converting what I found there as posts to this space- that will be coming soon. This happening serves as evidence  that for so long, I’ve been engaging in this hobby, and it’s time I’ve really brought it out in the open, to share with the world, the world being you my reader who came across this. May be it’s an invaluable skill I have been sitting on for to long and it’s time I utilized it for something…

Writing is my all-time hobby, which has found it’s place in the ‘blogosphere’/ ‘blogsphere’ …who knows what I can do with it when it’s really sharpened? I’ll keep my hobby alive. Now, this is what we call a hobby, something you engage in at any opportunity….

I gladly thank God for this hobby, skill I’ve acquired over time which I can and I’m using to glorify Him….



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  1. Koos Faro
    Feb 25, 2011 @ 17:57:38

    A beautiful story about your writing hobby! You really are a writer, someone ‘who can talk writing’, or someone ‘talking by writing’. It’s always very spontaneous, but also well structured and with many details. It’s nice to read that you’ve always ‘written’ on anything and everything! I recognize that because I did the same, but more as a diary of myself, family, circumstances, church, weather, etc.
    It was a pleasure to read about your ‘all-time hobby’. I hope you’ll be successful in all your writing, and in all things. Thank God for writers! It is God’s invention. Look at the Bible!
    May God bless your ‘hobby’ (it is also His…), and be blessed in all things!


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