The Tears I Cry…


Emotions are feelings that evoke a number of reactions. One may frown, curse, smile, laugh, the reactions being as varied as the situations and persons. There is however a reaction to emotions that is quite a mystery to me. This reaction is none other than crying, yeah, shedding tears… Tears are puzzling. They are an emotional response that runs across the board, that is, there can be tears for any type of emotion. Tears! What exactly makes up tears and where do they come from??Are there tear banks somewhere within the head?? Emotions show up, and the tears response is roused…At times I’ve cried so much, at such times I imagine, ‘These must be the last tears that are flowing. I must have exhausted the tears tanks by now…’ Then shortly after comes another tears bout…’ Just how much tears can one cry?’ I ask…

These tears that sting,
Demanding to freed,
I just let them flow,
Tears of questions,
For whose answers,
I don’t have,
Tears of grief and heartaches ,
Deeply piercing pain,
I try hold them back,
But no longer can they stay in,
They just wanna be released,
I let them loose,
They flow on and on….

Tears, I think are the greatest and strongest emotional expresser. In their flowing, they speak volumes.What lessons does one get from tears? What are the reasons for all these tears? Does anything good come from tears?

I only know of the relief one feels after a badly needed breakdown into tears. They are sort of therapeutic at times. You just cry and you feel better already! What is it with tears? Do I try look out the chemistry of tears? I don’t think I will…I think that for me would spoil the magic that is tears.

Some verses on tears:

  • ‘My tears have been my food day and night….’ ~ Psalms 42:3 BBE : When I cry, I remember this verse. If someone had tears that much and wrote about it, I know I’m not alone in tears
  • ‘Jesus wept’ ~ John 10:36  BBE: This verse makes me so sure that it’s okay to cry. If He who is King of Kings was in tears at some point, who I’m I to suppress them?
  • ‘You have seen my wanderings; put the drops from my eyes into your bottle; are they not in your record?’ ~ Psalms 56:8 BBE: This is one encouraging verse. Why would God keep a record of my tears? It only tells me one thing, they are that important to be recorded. Who knows? Something may come out of them. Only He who knows the capacity of tears that have flown out of this eyes can tell their significance.
  • ‘Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning’~ Psalms 30:5 BBE ~ Another encouraging verse. Yeah, I may cry, but the tears will not last forever. Soon they will be over…

Some Quotes on Tears:

  • God washes the eyes by tears until they can behold the invisible land where tears shall come no more. -Beecher
  • Never a tear bedims the eye that time and patience will not dry. -Harte
  • Tears are sometimes as weighty as words. -Ovid
  • It is some relief to weep; grief is satisfied and carried off by tears. -Ovid
  • Tears are the silent language of grief. -Voltaire

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Koos Faro
    Feb 24, 2011 @ 00:28:58

    You write today about a subject that affects everyone, but many people never think about it. It was created by God! Tears have all kinds of functions.
    They are very closely linked to our emotions, our souls. But they have also a duty to direct our eyes in good condition: that we may continue to see sharp!
    Thank God for tears!! But tears of sin, sickness and death will no longer be!! (Revelation 21:4). John wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon. (Rev. 5:4) But one of the elders saith unto John, “Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, …” (Rev. 5:5). All other weeping in Revelation is assigned to the wicked and disobedient, who will be crying in misery. But God will wipe our tears away!!
    Thank you & God bless you!


    • FlicShis
      Feb 24, 2011 @ 11:39:25

      When you comment like this, you make me think I wrote too little about a topic…
      What I know, writing is inexhaustible…one can never write enough about something…But as they say..
      ‘Little is much when God is in it’
      Amen to all that you’ve said above.



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