Tried Something New…


There are quite a number of things I love doing, baking is one of them. I baked my first cake when I was ten years old. I remember it was on an afternoon after closing school for April holidays. I was alone at home and decided to mix some basic cake ingredients and bake. That I did, just enough batter, to fit in the smallest cooking pot/ ‘Sufuria’ , to act as a baking tin since I was to use an improvised  oven- a charcoal fire put on top of a cooking pot cover…. I had always observed when my mother or aunt was at it, so I was confident with what I was doing.

My small cake turned out so well. It surprised everyone when they got home that I could bake. As small a cake as it was, there was a piece for each one.… Since baking my first cake, there was no stopping me from baking cakes at home when I was growing up. I could bake any time possible. I disliked bread bought from the shops for its tastelessness, and loved cakes because of the sugar. All along, I’ve always loved cakes….

For my love of cakes, I have continued to bake, and I like trying out various cake types, flavors and all. At times, I my mind kind of get ticking ‘bake-bake-bake’. Today was one such day.

I have been meaning to try out a certain cake type since I first tasted it at some function I attended sometime last year- Ladies Annual Prayer Breakfast. Going through a magazine sometime after having tasted that cake, I came across the recipe for that cake – a Carrot Cake! I schemed through it and could only look forward to baking that cake. I don’t usually follow written recipes in my trial baking; mostly I just try out ingredients, but since I saw this recipe and it was an easy to follow one I decided to use it.

So today I set out to bake a Carrot Cake. Had all ingredients in place; oil, sugar, cake flour, bicarbonate of Soda, eggs, milk, cinnamon and grated carrots. The grated carrots is the one ingredient that sets this cake apart, an ordinary cake made extraordinary by one ingredient since otherwise, it would just be a plain cinnamon cake.

I was so excited from the moment I started gathering the ingredients. Mixing ingredients one after the other is always fun. Waiting for the batter to rest a while is not my favorite baking process time…just delaying my cake….Then comes the magic that is baking! Counting  down the minutes before checking the cake is such a time filled with expectation…You can never be so sure of the outcome especially for a trial recipe….At last comes the defining moment when you get to check the cake….It’s so exciting to see a cake turn out well!

Piece of Carrot Cake and Passion Fruit Juice

Treat for the day:Carrot Cake and Passion Fruit Juice

So, today was the day that I tried out something new- at least to me- A Carrot Cake, thus settling the desire to bake that cake. I was so very pleased with the results. The cake was so sweet! I congratulate myself today on successfully making that cake. With the results, I now know Carrot cake is the way to go for me…I love cakes so much but I’m not good with food. I think a Carrot Cake being a balanced diet on is great and I can have it as my food….Today Carrot Cake and Passion Fruit juice made my day!

Carrot/Cinnamon Cake

25Cm Carrot/Cinnamon Cake

I came across this quotes from one of my twitter pals and have been reflecting on it:

A state of mind that sees God in everything is evidence of growth in grace and a thankful heart.”~Charles Finney

Thinking of it in my context here, don’t I just thank God for all  His provisions like the ingredients I afforded to get  so as to make this wonderful cake? I remember to well, I had to bu y all ingredients from my little pocket money- there wasn’t even enough oil in the house, there was only sugar and carrots of the ingredients I used here. I also thank Him for enabling me to acquire the skill that is baking and gladly use it… Right now as I do this, I could ill afford to get a whole 25cm Carrot Cake such as the one I made, from the bakeries.

I see God in everything and thank Him in  everything.



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  1. Jingle
    Feb 22, 2011 @ 21:54:46

    Glad to see you do new things…

    lovely cake.

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    Thanks for reading!
    Your poetry rocks!


  2. Koos Faro
    Feb 23, 2011 @ 00:14:08

    It is fun to read. It is about such ordinary things. But also how you can see God in everything and thank Him. The pictures make it complete!
    You write it so that every reader gets hungry…. Enjoy, bon appetit, and I will look up the recipe!


    • FlicShis
      Feb 23, 2011 @ 11:11:20

      I like having some fun in the kitchen.
      This was one of those days of having great fun in the kitchen looking forward to the results of it all.
      Enjoyed every minute of it.


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