A Woman Of Impact…


On Monday 14th February , I posted a story ‘Fulfillment of a Desire/Dream’, revolving around my writing and reciting a certain poem which made me so excited. However, I didn’t include the poem I talked about in that post. It was to follow the next day, but apparently, there came up something- the occasion that was Monday- that distracted that….
Here comes the follow up for the Monday post.
A poem which is a dedication to the ladies….I am one of them…I dedicate it to me too..

I greatly enjoyed writing this piece,
Delighted in memorizing the lines,
Rehearsing to perform it was so joyous,
I tremendously enjoyed myself in performance,
Just as I had desired, so many months ago….

So dear lady, this is for you…I love you so, to write and dedicate this piece to you…I hope the guys will join me in dedicating this to the ladies…

**I look forward to uploading an audio of the recited version….You can pass by later to listen to me recite this poem….


‘It’s the way she talks’,
Some will say,
‘It’s the way she walks’,
Others will say,
‘There is something about her’,
‘It’s in everything she does!’
All will agree,
Oh, Yes!
There is something about her….

Attractive is her demeanor,
Amazing is her splendor,
Intriguing is her candor,
Charming is her charisma,
Fascinating is her composure,
Always influential is her manner,
Gracious are her deeds and behavior,
She commands honour,
From every corner…

She is a woman of impact,
A woman of distinction,
Wherever whenever,
It is neither by her might,
Nor is it by her power,
That there is ‘Something about her’,
But, by the glory of God in her

Always aflame is her lamp,
Running out of fuel never,
Faith is her armour,
Hope is her anchor,
Above all,
Love is her cover…
She indeed is, a woman of Impact…

You are that woman,
As the Lord re-creates,
May it be your desire,
To Learn and discover,
To Bond and share,
To Build and Inspire,
To Bear and mother
To Guide and empower,
To Love and care,
To Teach and mentor,
To Serve and deliver,
To Lead and conquer,
To Strive and endure,
As a woman of impact,
Whenever wherever

In the Lords re-creation,
May it be your declaration,
That You’ll never be the same again

Join the Revolution….

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Koos Faro
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 23:30:34

    I read it in one breath…. It’s great! Really fantastic and very beautiful, not to mention very true and full of truth. The Truth: the Glory of God in you. Christ in us, the hope of Glory. Never be the same again!!
    Thank you very much. I pray that many people will be inspired by this poem ‘A Woman Of Impact’.


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