Let’s Talk Love…


So Yesterday was 14th February, a day which is marked world over as a day to celebrate love. Honestly speaking, I had no plans for the day. If one was to really give though on way the way is depicted all around, one can easily go into a state of depression if one isn’t in a position to celebrate it in that way. You walk into a shopping mall, all over the streets and everything seems to pass the same message, ‘it’s the red, red season’. The displays are in such an eye catching manner seemingly screaming ‘Look at me. Wanna get me for someone or is someone getting me for you?’!!!As such, it is like it touches where it hurts most…Knowing too well you are not going to have anything from those elaborate displays.

Well the day was in, Valentine’s Day that is. With all the happenings all around for with eyes one can see, and with ears one can hear, thus no escape, no one is spared. After all, who cares whether you celebrate it or not. Either way, the day is still there.

I couldn’t help but be caught up in the interest of the day. It follows that I let my mind just flow with Love thoughts. To make it sink, my morning devotion happened to be based on the same love subject so it got easy knowing what I would concentrate on, God’s love, knowing that He is love, He first loved me, and thus I know love for it is from him.

Love is good, so good, sweet, there’s nothing like love.

I made a collection of my tweets for the day on the love subject, which I posted as thoughts just flowed on. These are purely random posts, some original thoughts, Bible verses,  songs lines all making such a combination that made some part of my day on twitter space. I post them here just as they were.

  • God’s love is a fabric that never fades,no matter how often it’s washed in the
    waters of adversity.
  • Knowing You Jesus, Knowing You, There’s no greater thing, You are Great, You are the Best, I love knowing You.
  • Dear friends,let’s love one another for love comes from God.Everyone who loves(genuinely) has been born of God and knows God~1Jn 4:7
  • Within this petite frame, Is something big and huge, A Heart, Abounding in love,So much love, Threatens to burst it’s enclosure
  • It’s a love, Always in season, Every moment is a reason, To do some love chant,Not only a day Going by some label!
  • God showed His love among us;He sent His one and only son into the world that we might live through Him~ 1Jn 4:9 #Thatslove
  • Writing and dedicating ones Writings to someone….#thatslove #ifonlyyouknew ….
  • Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another ~1Jn 4:11 #Loveyou all with Kingdom love
  • God is Love ~ 1Jn 4:8 Need we say more or question that
  • As long as I shall live, I will testify to love….the tune of this song, Wow!!
  • May you all leave to Testify to Love, NOT as the world does it, but as per God’sway of love.. #HappyValentinesday
  • May you all have 1Cor 13 and 1John 4:7-19 #ValentinesDay.It’s a Beautiful Monday may it be filled with ‘Love-full’ too, the right love.
  • #Love is more than just a feeling ….Some words from that Reggae tune… On my feet dancing….
  • Celebrate Love, Celebrate God, For God is Love, Loving you, Even when you are unlovable… #happyvalentinesday #tweeps #twitter
  • I am loved by the King, I’ll sing of His Love, I love and always will love, With all my heart, My #love source Can never run dry#HappyVals
  • Let no one tell me, ‘You love too much’, Yeah,I know I #love, With all of me… I testify to love… Cheers to LOVE!
  • I will always love, #Love and love more, Situations may prompt The converse of love, But they r just t@- situations, For loves sake,I love

I think those were enough fine thoughts for a day.They have given this blog a post for the day.



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  1. Koos Faro
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 16:08:08

    Yesterday was a big commercial show of how the world sees love. Despite all the emptiness still many people thought about love. Many, if not all people longing for love, but many do not know what real love is.
    But then “breaking news” from CNN (Christian News Nairobi)…..
    – ‘God showed His love among us;He sent His one and only son into the world that we might live through Him~ 1Jn 4:9 #Thatslove’ –
    Your tweets were a relief, because they were not commercial, not false, but because they had a referral back to the love of God. God is Love. The proof is Jesus. The gift is the love of God in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. We love God because He first loved us.
    It is through that love in your heart that you, on Valentine’s Day, through the social networks, by your blog and you know where else, others have touched with God’s love.
    In short: A nice text with some sharp statements about Valentine’s Day!


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