A Fulfillment of a Dream/Desire…


Yesterday, Sunday 13th February, I saw a fulfillment of a desire/dream. I remember so well how it all started.
Having completed a Ladies Bible Study, dubbed Women of Impact, some time back, we were to be commissioned as Women of Impact, precisely on October 17th. I was so excited and wanted to make a big deal of the commissioning occasion so I got down to writing a poem to celebrate the day and to inspire and motivate other ladies to undertake the Bible Study.

I wrote the poem and rehearsed to present it. I approached one of the key leaders of the ladies ministry at Church and told her of what I had in mind- reciting at Church. . I was still quite new at what has become my Church, so I wasn’t even all that free with the other ladies, was just starting to know people, and the socially shy me still held me back. She was excited about it yes, but unfortunately, she didn’t push for it for me to be allocated a slot of time on the Church’s Schedule for that day, so I did not get to present my poem then. I could only look forward to next time.

After our commissioning, I got involved with the ladies activities at Church, whenever there was anything that needed to be done, needing volunteers to do various things, I would be very much there quietly with lots of dedication doing what was allocated to me. Soon, I was to be noticed and more responsibilities were given to me, as new as I was around there. Now, I have become so part of the Ladies Ministry, Women of Impact (WOI).

Around this time of the year, we have been registering ladies for the first session this year for the WOI Bible study. Our mission is reaching out to as many ladies as possible. Being one of the vibrant persons, I was given the responsibility of registering persons briefing them on the Bible study and all.

It’s then I decided that this would be a good time to do my poem to motivate the ladies for the Bible study. I told our Senior ‘mom’- our Senior Pastor’s wife about it and she was so happy about it. For the past three Sundays, I have been reminding her on the same, but unfortunately, it has turned out that there were so many activities at Church during service time, that our Pastor even having been told to give me a chance couldn’t find some time to squeeze me in. I understood it though and kept hoping for a chance.

I looked forward to it, to the day I will get a chance to do a recital of one of my poems at Church as words of inspiration. Today I got the chance. The chance I had so waited for. When my name was called out to come forward, I couldn’t help but feel so excited and whispered a prayer that I be confident on stage. There in front of thousands of congregants, I was ready to present my poem. All shakiness disappeared in flash and I felt so confident ready to capture the audience. I made myself comfortable on stage, taking my time to relax, and take it easy. By the time I started reciting, I knew everyone was listening. I did it so well, getting all my lines right, the tone variations, the boldness on stage and all. It went so well the applause and the nods from my audience was evidence that it was all great! The response from the audience was overwhelming. I was really surprised by me, what I can do. By the time I left that stage, I surely felt that I had done something wonderful

Thanks are to God for that chance. It’s by his grace that I got that opportunity to perform.

Here are some of my updates on my twitter updates following the day that was.

  • Today I got to do it. Recite at Church a poem I composed!
  • The audience was amazing! Very responsive!
  • I can’t believe it’s me who did it, performing in front of a 1000’s. I’m amazed by me…. Thank you God for that confidence
  • Dear God, I Thank You for the Talents You’ve endowed me with, I will use them to Glorify n’ Honor You.
  • The applause from the audience was overwhelming! Felicity can really entertain and capture an audience!
  • God, the Appreciation for what I did isn’t to me but to You, for I did it all for You. To You be the Glory forever.
  • Today, I didn’t have words only, I had a voice too…I spoke to a great audience…I pray I get more chances like that…
  • A Woman of Impact… Lord help me be a Woman of Impact whenever, wherever, in everything I do.
  • Today was a fulfillment of a desire/dream ~ to bring out reciting poetry as a form of entertainment at Church. Thank You God for that opportunity

Here are some responses from one of the Church Congregants who happen to be my follower on twitter:

  • The Felicity who did a poem at church leo (today) was awesome
  • The talent evident in the poise n delivery was breathtaking. now church would have been boring today without this!
  • I’m still mesmerized. Haven’t been to church this year, then I show up leo (today) and there u r.

This is nice feedback!! Thanks to my dear follower.



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kolembo
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 01:59:43

    Good for you!


  2. Koos Faro
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 17:00:54

    What a wonderful testimony! Attractively written, a pleasure to read.
    It was good that you waited for God’s time for you. Your dream has come true, at the right time! He has made your talents, and you may make them useful. All glory to God! And thank you, for your dreams, your hopes and your persevering spirit! You’re a passionate woman who grows in God’s plan for your life…
    “Blessed are all who wait for him!” (Isaiah 30:18d)


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