Fine First February Friday (FFFF)


There are some days, that when morning comes, you just wish it would have delayed its arrival to give you time to do some more snoozing. You retired late, before you know it, morning is there, kind of screaming at you, ‘Get up! There’s so much to be done…!’, you go like, ‘Would you please give me a few more minutes?’, response, ‘Oh, no, minutes are passing fast, arise and get moving!’. At that instant, all that needs to be done within time limits rushing through your mind, you get to reluctantly check out of that bed leaving it’s warmth to face the morning chill, there is no otherwise.
Such was my Friday morning.

I needed to get up and get down to serious studying thanks to a test I was to take later in the day. Talk of last minute studies, but then, who has been to University, especially our local universities here and doesn’t do that? Luckily, I believe I understand fast, and as long as I had come across it earlier or heard it mentioned in class then it’s just going through it, ensuring it’s still in mind and filling the gaps that may be missing. Thankfully, I managed to beat my self-set time limit to have gone though all I needed to go through by around early afternoon.

To unwind after what seemed like a long morning, I got to my recital rehearsal, and decided to voice record myself. I’m so grateful for technology for such things that it enables one to do. I really enjoyed myself doing it, any one who could have met me at it would be forgiven to think I’m busy making a presentation to an arena full of spectators…

I was satisfied with what I had done, getting all the lines right and in order and all, I’m sure if I get that chance to recite, the audience will like it…Soon I couldn’t stay at home longer, time was much gone, and had to leave for College.

I got to College only to be told that the systems were down, thus no test. ’ What a waste, after having spent all that time preparing for it putting aside all else?’, I thought. ‘Anyway, mishaps like that are to be expected’, I console my self.
I relaxingly sat at the lounge settees to while away time. It’s then I remembered some ‘homework’ – a writing exercise our Pastor gave us during the Wednesday evening Prayer service- our Pastor never ceases to amaze us, Assignment from Church! Haha! I thought I would keep my self busy with it, awaiting tea to be served. Before long, I cleared the ‘homework’. Soon tea was served, and I had an easy time taking it and munching at some biscuits (it’s only at this College- IST- here in Kenya that students are served tea and snacks before evening class).

I was about to leave only for me to lay my hands on the news paper and so I got to flip through it. If there is anything my eyes saw other than an article on the twitter social network hype that’s been around recently around here, then it’s a shoe advert and I got to lay my eyes on a picture of shoes I fell for there and then. I set off to go to the nearest shop for the same- Bata which is just across the street from the building housing the College I attend. Seeing the shoe, the real one was even better than the picture! ‘Wah! It’s the kind of shoe I’ve thinking of…A high heel…nice design..can be good for the office and casual…I mean, a nice shoe!This is a must have…’ , I got thinking. Definitely I will get it.

It was now time to go home. Getting to the bus pick up point, there were no buses for my route home. It was push and shove for the few buses that got to come, and to make it worse, they had hiked the fare. I just watched from a distance, and got tweeting, only for my phone to go flat on battery and hence off! I had just posted my last update, ‘Do I go window shopping now that there r no cars here?’, I decided not to go to the Supermarket right across the bus pick up point, lest I end up doing some impulse buys, spending money I don’t have.

Standing there just looking out into the very busy streets, I here someone call my name ‘Shiro’, turning, I see her, ‘OMG, Rosah!’ , I’m so excited to see my long lost friend, it’s been like ages since we lastly met, and worse still, I haven’t had her contacts since losing my former phone, with all the contacts in it. We get chatting as if it was a prior planned meeting, kind of picking up from where we had last stopped. The way she got to talk to me, it’s like she knew we were to meet and had it all planned what to say! I learn she is currently a HR person at some organization, and I think, I’ve just found the kind of person I so need at this point of my life as a graduate job seeker! Before long, we had to part, but the impact of that short meeting was overwhelming.
As we parted, I just felt that our meeting today was not just a coincidence, it was like a supernatural set up…what was I doing there in the cold instead of going and pleasing my eyes in the Supermarket??…. Something held me there, that supernatural power to set us up to meet..I’m so very happy.

With all that the day has been, I can only think of it as a Fine First February Friday. Good things happening already. Good enough to make a day’s nice story.  I can only look forward to more. Thanks be to the most High God.

Wah! This such a long post. At times I think a summary is impossible….

© Felicity


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Koos Faro
    Feb 05, 2011 @ 13:41:46

    What a wonderful report of this special day! My first thought after I had read your tweeting ‘Do I go window shopping now that there r no cars here?’ was about having no electricity or an unexpected prohibition for cars to drive… My second thought was Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for (the) good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
    It really was a Fine First February Friday. You had all sorts of expectations, but almost everything was different. But God is never surprised! He knows all things from the beginning and works them out in our favor.
    I like the part where you write about your presentation. I know that experience. Exercising a presentation to anyone! And at the end ask if there are any questions …. no questions? – then I was clear (or no one understood me …).
    You make a wonderful story of a special day! God is at work – and you work with Him. As you said before from Isaiah 30:21 about your ears hearing a word behind: “This is the way….”

    Your FFFF was worth reading!
    No laughing matter, sometimes laughable, plain, sometimes complicated, finally encouraging, pointing to God and with your two feet (shoes) on the earth!
    Hope you can buy the shoes you want to have.
    God bless you!


    • FlicShis
      Feb 05, 2011 @ 23:18:05

      Stories are in everything all around, whenever, wherever one is, and in whatever one does.
      A day’s journal can unfold into wonderful piece with lots of insight when looked at with ‘Kingdom eyes’
      Thanks for reading.
      God bless you too.


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