Birthday Talk…

Today is another 1st February, the year 2011, when I’m honored to be celebrating another Birthday. It’s always delightful to celebrate this one day of the year. ‘Big deal?’ , someone may be asking, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s such a big deal to mark my birthday in the best way I know how.’

With a Birthday at hand, the digits that indicate age change with an increment of one, meaning, one gets to be older! They say one is as old as they feel, and I guess that’s true. Well, I’ve always felt older than my age, and behaved as such, going to an extent of quoting a higher number of years- the ones I feel like- as my age when asked. However it doesn’t work, since my looks betray me big time!


It’s my Birthday but frankly speaking, I haven’t received any birthday wishes from those classified as closest to me- family that is parents, siblings and relatives. Well, it appears like no one ever remembers my Birthday here.
There are some things that really puzzle and disturb me, ’Surely, how do parents forget their children’s Birthdays?’ , ‘Wasn’t the birth of those children any significant?’ such are the question that linger in mind but go unvoiced, unanswered.
Honestly over the years, I grew up knowing that my Birthday falls on 2nd February, until one day, just recently, I got rummaging through some old files at home and came across my birth certificate- hadn’t set my eyes on it before,- only to find that my Birthday is actually on the 1st of February!! All the time I had been told that my Birthday was on 2nd February. Presenting this certificate, my mother was like “You mean it was 1st?”, ‘How now?’ I thought; as I saw it on paper it was very clearly written.
I think even if I were to forget every other happening in my life, I would not forget the moment-exact time I birthed a baby, leave alone the day!
I have always taken it upon me to remind them that it’s my Birthday, but this year, I promised myself I wouldn’t do that. ‘What’s the need after all?’ It is better I mark it silently it in my way since apparently I have always been kind of forcing it on everyone….Poor me, with the way I’m keen on others Birthdays and when I used to be at home, even without big celebrations, I would do what I would to mark any ones Birthday in any possible way like baking a cake in their honor.

Anyway, even if unremembered, I’m alright and it’s good enough I am around and growing older.

Above all there is one who says He’s always with me and will never forsake me. I believe in Him. For I feel remembered in more ways than one.

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


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  1. Koos Faro
    Feb 02, 2011 @ 00:05:35

    Your Birthday Talk is on one side a big question mark and on the other side a large exclamation point! There is sadness and incomprehension, but fortunately you rise above them and you can be who you are now. Dates of birth in the Bible are important. The Word of God of full of them with two key moments, namely Adam and Jesus. Our birth is closely associated with these events! Both the day of our birth, as the day of our rebirth. Thank God for Birthdays!!! Thank God that we may grow, that we may be mature and follow Christ as children of God. Therefore you and we can thank God for your Birthday, the 1st February! That day is written in God’s agenda, and your name is there. God will never forget you. What a great and unspeakable blessing it is to know that.
    It was a privilege to read your story!
    I wish you a prosperous & blessed new year of life! God bless you.


    • FlicShis
      Feb 02, 2011 @ 00:50:55

      Thanks.I know..There are many questions in my story, the answers are in the details behind it all which isn’t worth exploring…could lead to headaches which I don’t wanna have…


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