Love and Joy…


Love and have joy,
Joyfully love,
Joy is in loving,
Love is joy,

Always serve,
Lovingly and joyfully

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Peace and Patience

Be peaceful, be patient,
Peacefully be patient,
Patience and opposite of peace don’t mix,
Impatient and lacking in peace may be,
Ask for perfect peace,
Ask for peace in patience,
Right from the source,
The giver of it all

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Emotional Turmoil…


I don’t know what to think,
I don’t know what to do,
No clue on how to handle this,
I don’t know how to react,
Choosing the avoidance option,
As sure as the sky is blue,
I’m just courting trouble,
At some point,
Got to face it,
Head on,
I don’t want to lose my cool,
I don’t want to break down,
Though I feel like crying buckets

Yesterday I said something about what happens when one comes across some writings after a long time, probably even forgotten that one ever wrote anything like it.

Reading the above poem, what does it make you think? I came across it in a document in my  archived files, and I post it here as is; no alterations. This is one of those items one can get to read after a long time and go like, ‘Well, there has been such times…triggering such thoughts as these…’ and at that, rousing various emotions….It reminds someone where they are coming from….

Dear Lord,

You know too well what I was going through as to write the above poem.I thank you that that was then.

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Long After It’s Written…


For two days before yesterday I had posted something on emotions, then came the post about my hobby.
I think writing is so interesting. You may write something forget all about it, only for you to come across it so much later and surprise yourself by what you read that you had written and could barely remember. Come to think of some notes or mails you’ve ever written to persons who’ve been in your life, the entries in your diary-that diary that was only meant for your eyes, the text messages you’ve ever sent, n’ with Internet technology, the lines you’ve posted as your updates on social networks or even as comments when reacting to other people’s posts. All this make up writing.

If you were to see something you jotted down  so much later, what you most probably long forgot it, what would it evoke within you?

As I said about my scribblings wherever whenever, I get to stumble upon quite a number of interesting writings. They rouse all forms of emotions. Some will warm me up, serve as an inspiration, bringing a smile or even laughter, some will evoke sad memories, others will  get me really thinking….yet with others it a downright ‘What was I thinking writing this!?’

All are important though. The light, sweet writes will remind me of good things and happy times that happened thus be thankful. The sad ones reminds someone that there are low moments in life, and hence the need to appreciate good times. Still on the same, they remind someone that much as storms may show up, in one way or the other they are going to clear up. The unclear ones- the by the way writes- remind someone that,  sometimes everything is so hazed up and one can barely focus. They seem to be saying ‘that was then, nothing was adding up, but somehow, matters shaped themselves up. Thus now worry, things are going to come together and add up in some way’.

There are all varied emotions stirred up by written words, is the beauty of writing. That words can really touch a cord within someone, bringing about all emotions that there can be and concurrently conveying some message.

With all these in mind, I continue to like putting things down in writing.

Come to think of the Bible and all the wonderful writes you have read. If the persons who put down all the collections that we refer as the Bible, and the other wonderful books didn’t get down to writing it, would we have this great to reads? It’s through writing, putting thoughts into words and compiling them into something comprehensive form that we will get communicate to the future..those who come after us, but closer still, communicate within self and among ourselves when talking is not possible.

I thank God for the skill that is writing.


My All-Time Hobby…


Long before I started this blog where I’ve been sharing my mind via the posts I send here, I had been doing quite an amount of scribblings on whatever space  I could get, talk of paper, note books, book margins…as long as space is writable on, and I’d a pen at hand. At times with pen in hand, I’d get myself even writing on my palm or arm anything of interest that would come to mind, only for me to see the scribblings when I go to wash my hands! Then I’d not proceed with the hand-washing exercise but had to look for some place to transfer what’s on the hands lest it be washed off.

Throughout my being in school I did not like giving out my notebooks to fellow classmates lest they would come across some jots not meant for everyone, or worse still, they’d get to me asking what the writings on the sides or wherever were, whether they were related to the class notes…that would happen thanks to my illegible handwriting on those scribblings, crafted only for my eyes. I counted this ‘dirty’ / unclear handwriting as an advantage, since it’s not always  I would refuse to give out notes, for the sake of avoiding being labeled ‘mean’. Even if someone saw the margin writings, deciphering them would be difficult.Much as I kept to myself a lot~ ‘anti-social’, I was labeled yes but,  ‘mean with knowledge’ no. As a way above average student, I had to assist others a lot in most subjects.

Up to date even with this space active, I scribble any where I can. I will scribble on paper, on the hand, I may get a handbag/pocket notebook for something in particular like capturing the sermons but it’ll end up doubling up as scrap space  starting from the back pages. My class work writing pads  and course work texts books aren’t spared either!

Thanks to my mobile phone, I type stuff as a message or note, and save them. As a result, my phone’s ‘Draft Messages’ , ‘Saved Messages’ and notes folders,  are piled every other day when I’m on the move…

I  write anything that shows up in my mind be it a thought, observation, anything….Holding stuff in mind disturbs me. I also do very little talking if any, since most of the time I’m all alone in the house, and the time I’m with people around is so brief and occupied- my two hours at college lessons for weekdays- thus no talk time…My talking is through my postings on social networks, especially on twitter, my recently found love….But even when I am free with persons I can talk with and there is talk time, I talk very little, only when it’s very necessary…when it comes to talking, I  run short of what to say, but come to doing this, words just flow..I become unstoppable…

I think I can confidently term writing as a an all-time hobby that I’ve had for as long as I can remember. I’m thankful for this platform- Internet / Blog where I’m able to share my thoughts. I’m also grateful that I have the confidence to write and share.

The other day, I came across a well folded already discolored piece of paper containing some writes which I could date back to my teenage years, I even did not finish converting what I found there as posts to this space- that will be coming soon. This happening serves as evidence  that for so long, I’ve been engaging in this hobby, and it’s time I’ve really brought it out in the open, to share with the world, the world being you my reader who came across this. May be it’s an invaluable skill I have been sitting on for to long and it’s time I utilized it for something…

Writing is my all-time hobby, which has found it’s place in the ‘blogosphere’/ ‘blogsphere’ …who knows what I can do with it when it’s really sharpened? I’ll keep my hobby alive. Now, this is what we call a hobby, something you engage in at any opportunity….

I gladly thank God for this hobby, skill I’ve acquired over time which I can and I’m using to glorify Him….


The Tears I Cry…


Emotions are feelings that evoke a number of reactions. One may frown, curse, smile, laugh, the reactions being as varied as the situations and persons. There is however a reaction to emotions that is quite a mystery to me. This reaction is none other than crying, yeah, shedding tears… Tears are puzzling. They are an emotional response that runs across the board, that is, there can be tears for any type of emotion. Tears! What exactly makes up tears and where do they come from??Are there tear banks somewhere within the head?? Emotions show up, and the tears response is roused…At times I’ve cried so much, at such times I imagine, ‘These must be the last tears that are flowing. I must have exhausted the tears tanks by now…’ Then shortly after comes another tears bout…’ Just how much tears can one cry?’ I ask…

These tears that sting,
Demanding to freed,
I just let them flow,
Tears of questions,
For whose answers,
I don’t have,
Tears of grief and heartaches ,
Deeply piercing pain,
I try hold them back,
But no longer can they stay in,
They just wanna be released,
I let them loose,
They flow on and on….

Tears, I think are the greatest and strongest emotional expresser. In their flowing, they speak volumes.What lessons does one get from tears? What are the reasons for all these tears? Does anything good come from tears?

I only know of the relief one feels after a badly needed breakdown into tears. They are sort of therapeutic at times. You just cry and you feel better already! What is it with tears? Do I try look out the chemistry of tears? I don’t think I will…I think that for me would spoil the magic that is tears.

Some verses on tears:

  • ‘My tears have been my food day and night….’ ~ Psalms 42:3 BBE : When I cry, I remember this verse. If someone had tears that much and wrote about it, I know I’m not alone in tears
  • ‘Jesus wept’ ~ John 10:36  BBE: This verse makes me so sure that it’s okay to cry. If He who is King of Kings was in tears at some point, who I’m I to suppress them?
  • ‘You have seen my wanderings; put the drops from my eyes into your bottle; are they not in your record?’ ~ Psalms 56:8 BBE: This is one encouraging verse. Why would God keep a record of my tears? It only tells me one thing, they are that important to be recorded. Who knows? Something may come out of them. Only He who knows the capacity of tears that have flown out of this eyes can tell their significance.
  • ‘Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning’~ Psalms 30:5 BBE ~ Another encouraging verse. Yeah, I may cry, but the tears will not last forever. Soon they will be over…

Some Quotes on Tears:

  • God washes the eyes by tears until they can behold the invisible land where tears shall come no more. -Beecher
  • Never a tear bedims the eye that time and patience will not dry. -Harte
  • Tears are sometimes as weighty as words. -Ovid
  • It is some relief to weep; grief is satisfied and carried off by tears. -Ovid
  • Tears are the silent language of grief. -Voltaire

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis

Emotions: To Show or Not to Show?


There is something, I hear referred to as emotion. Is it just a feeling, or what is it? It comes in various forms, thus we have emotions.  The situations, happenings and circumstances, almost everything that surrounds may influence emotions. These emotions may change swinging this way and that, ending up in confusing someone if one tries to figure them all out.

Emotions puzzle me. From my experiences one moment I feel like I’m on top of the world and I wouldn’t mind to let anyone who cares to listen how good I’m feeling, the next, I feel as if I’ve hit the depths of the pits on earth and I just want to hide no one to see me, I don’t want talk, I want nothing, I’m are just there, and nothing has meaning.

People express their emotions differently. Some cover them up or suppress them, some freely express them.  I think I fall in the latter category. I remember in my ‘about’ page, I’ve said something like ‘I cry as easily as I laugh’. Yeah, that’s me. I express emotions very easily; I find it difficult not to express exactly how I feel, thus I’d say I am very emotional. The way this term ‘emotional’ is used, it’s like freely expressing ones emotions is bad. Those who hide their emotions are seen as the bold ones, and the other s weak! But in my view, the converse is true.  I believe when one expresses emotions, they are being real and being real is boldness… Any way I’m okay with the way I am, if it calls for me to cry I will cry until I can cry no more it’s laughing I do laugh till my ribs ache! I’m just me.

What to do, to express or not to express these emotions as they come?

I think it’s good to express our emotions. The books of Psalms, Job, Ruth and all through the scriptures, we these people who are key Bible Characters expressing their emotions as is, in an uncensored manner. This should act as an inspiration to be real bearing in mind that, one can’t hide their emotions  from God. Hence, I’m not ashamed to be emotional.

After all, I believe these emotions were created so as to be experienced and expressed/shown.


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