Loss,Pain and Suffering

We had been talking animatedly, everyone offering their contribution as we planned  the way forward in the things that need to be done in this calendar year as pertaining to the Ladies Fellowship. All main subjects of concerns having been discussed and agreed on, it was time for any other business(AOB) to be tabled.

“We need to organize a home visit to *Diana’s place, as you all know she have been going through some hardships”, said one of the main leaders

“Oh, yes.” The rest of us responded almost in unison.

Before anything else could be discussed in reference to that visit, “We also need to go visit *Kellen, following what happened to her last over the week”, someone else said.

“What?” “Did I hear right?”, my mind was racing, after my heart seemingly missing a beat in response to the shocking news I had just had. “Oh, no! It must be another person bearing the same name they are talking about.” I thought.

At this point the talk was going on and yeah, I gathered that it is indeed the same *Kellen they were talking about. It was only a few days ago that I had seen her beautiful, cheerful, and all aglow given her situation-expectant. One would tell by her look that she definitely treasured what she was carrying. Here we were, I just heard she had lost it!!

I couldn’t help imagine the loss, pain and suffering she was going through. The kind pain that you makes one ask all the difficult questions like, Why’s? How’s?.

Terrible things happen, bringing loses in life,  leaving one with so much pain and suffering. One tries to search for answers and finds none, the more one questions, only the questions increase in number.

What to do in such situations? We should always bear in mind we weren’t promised a life without pain and suffering, even He who came to save us suffered. We should trust He who is above all, to work out the situations, as bad as it may seem, as painful as it may be, it can never be above His power. From Him we get the strength to go through all that comes our way, believing that He knows the reason as to why it had to be so. Keep trusting Him.

As for *Kellen and her family, I pray that God be her comfort and strength during this trying time.

N/B *-Not real names

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


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