My Companions

I go to bed early,
Early enough,
Sleepy indeed I am,
But ….
Got something with me….

I carry to bed with me
My everyday,
All-time companions,
Got some sort of,
Bonding to do,
With my companions,
Before I can somehow,
Fall asleep….

I come with my Bible,
To read a few verses,
For meditation,
Before falling asleep,
I read on and on,
Not wanting to stop,
Verses turn to chapters,
Oh, how wonderful,
How insightful,
Words within this Book are!
These words I so delight in,

I come with my laptop,
I just love having her around,
Don’t intend to do anything,
But still,
As if spontaneously,
She’s on within few split seconds,
I decide to have her play some music,
One track,
Turns to be one to many….
Sweet soul feeding music,
She plays,
On and on she plays,
Don’t want to stop her…

I come with my cell phone,
She’s a must have with me,
Neither is it for calls,
To make or receive,
Nor for texts messages……
They aren’t welcome around these hours….
What she does?
She connects me to the world,
Via the Internet…..she’s on Safaricom Live!
I check into her,
To be updated and informed,
On a variety of issues at that….

The next thing I know,
Over three hours on….
T’s way past midnight,
Yet to sleep,
Sleep all disappeared….
Eyes wide awake,
Not an inkling of sleepiness…..
Thanks to my companions,
T’s like, I really don’t need,
That early bed……

I end up doing this….

My Companions

My Bible and Laptop the phone took the Pic.

These three companions of mine,
Keep me going day and night,
My Everyday, All-time companions,
Are great company indeed,
With them around,
Time seems to fly,
Of it I loose track,
With no regrets whatsoever….

How I love my everyday,
All-time companions…

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


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