What A Day, What a Moment!

I know I have committed to postaday2011, and I don’t want to disappoint myself by failing on that this early into the challenge. Yeah, it is such a challenge since at times, one’s mind appears to be saying ‘I don’t want to do that, not today’.  I get to tell it, ‘You got to do it, there is no otherwise- figure out something to put on this space’.

As I get down to putting this down, it’s like I’ve been smiling for the past about three hours. I am feeling so happy and I don’t want to think about anything else apart from my subject of excitement…I may as well blog about it.

I guess everyone experience one of those mornings, you don’t want to wake up, you just want to stay in bed, not necessarily asleep, just lazing around, slow mornings they are. Having retired quite late, today began as such for. I had in mind things I was set to do, but I seemed not to be in any hurry to do them. I however had  something to look forward. A meeting with my girl friend Aggy set for late in the afternoon.

Knowing the tasks ahead of me, I got to arise, and thankfully I was feeling so energetic. The day’s hours  flew past as I got busy with some chores, I finished in good time. Soon it was afternoon and time to go to town was fast approaching. Alone at home as usual, and tired,  I took to  doing make-up, after the draining tasks, applying it so slowly and keenly. If any one were to see me at it, they’d think I’m up to some grand date or something of the sort, yet I was only up to meeting my pal, and later attending my evening class.

I got all set, left for town, and met my friend. We had some catching up to do after a while of having not met in person. Our meeting went very well. With classes to attend, time was not on our side so we  had to part even though a lot was still left unsaid.

Class was however quite boring, I really did not get to do much. Gladly, the  two class hours passed in quickly.

Walking along the street accompanied by my class mate as we chat, I all over sudden stopped on my tracks, as she moved ahead of me. I just could not believe who I saw right ahead of me, walking in the opposite direction as we, approaching where I was.  Was I seeing right or was it juts an illusion, some flash in some sweet dream? I stood there dumbstruck feeling as if I wanted to cross the distance between us in a run into this someone’s embrace. I did not  feel like I had the energy to do that though. I waited there, glued to that spot.

The split minutes before he got to me were like eternity. My  gaze was fixed on him as he made every step. I felt too weak to move. The moment he got to me, that moment was a very special moment, a moment appearing to hold the universe at a stand still, effortlessly taking my breath away, it is that sort of moment which one wishes would last forever. He was right there in front of me after a whole long over eight months since I last saw him. I was utterly speechless, but I had to find words to engage in some brief chat.

‘I saw like you were with some other girl’, he said at some point as we chat, reminding me of my pal who had walked ahead of me, ‘Oh, I think she’s waiting for me, but no problem, she can wait’, I responded. Shortly, as soon as we had bumped into each other we had to part.

As brief as that meeting was, those moments kind of blew me up with excitement, leaving me so happy. I’ve been smiling since, and I retire to bed with a sweet smile visualizing that moment…..

This happening is one those moments  that happen, and one can only exclaim ‘That must have been God who orchestrated it!’, given the way you have been thinking of that someone, dreaming, day-dreaming,wishing for such a moment.

That was my day, culminating with ‘That Moment’. What a day it was, what a moment I experienced. I thank God for it.

*’A slight delightful moment can brighten even the darkest minute/day.’ ~Flic

*’A moment may last a split second, but, its imprint leaves on.’ ~Flic

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


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