A Divine Resolution?

We had ushered in the New Year 2010, in a wonderful way away from the city. To say the least it, it is the one New Year ushering that I was really doing something different and interesting other than the usual being in the house, sleeping as usual even on New Year’s Eve and waking up the next morning to a New Year. That time round, it was very different. I was in great company, in very high spirits, and we were up to something exciting that New Year’s weekend.

After a fun filled night, the 1st January 2010, dawned. It was a very bright sunny morning, promising a beautiful first day of the year. It looked all the more awesome given that it was a morning in a new place, the place we were visiting- camping site close to Lake Bogoria.   After a short tour of watching the spectacular, unfamiliar environs we were at, being given some geographical explanations of the formation of the present landscape and taking pictures at every opportunity, we were off to our next destination.

I remember vividly as if it were yesterday, every single moment of that day. At some point, we had to stop on our way to our next destination. It is then that my great companion and I engaged in some easy chat as excited s we were. It was at some point after some short while pausing that I was asked;

“What are your resolutions for the New Year?” This question got me totally off guard, ‘We are supposed to be having fun’, I thought, and this question definitely wasn’t my idea of having fun on New Years day! For all years, I have never really been keen on ‘New Year’s resolutions’ making. After all, I’ve been of the idea of taking a day at a time, making day by day resolutions, New Year resolutions, were another story all together . There I was, being asked what my resolutions were, and an answer was expected. ‘I don’t think I’ve thought out any yet’, this is what I was supposed, and wanted to say and go ahead to may be figure out some loudly.

When I opened my mouth to speak, “This year, I want to read through the Bible”, those are the words that came out of my mouth!

‘Did I just say that? Surely, where did it come from? Did I hear myself right or was I in some kind of haze?’ all these was racing through my mind as I looked at my partner who gave me this quizzical look that seemed to last forever.

To curtail it, yeah, I had said it out; I wanted to read through the Bible. A lengthy chat arising from my spoken out resolution ensued.

Thinking of it later, the same questions that raced thorough my mind came all over again, ‘Where did that thought come from and how did I get to voice it?’

I suppose it must have been a ‘Divine resolution’.

© Felicity ‘@FlicShis


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