Happy First Anniversary; Memories

It’s the second day of 2011, and the first Sunday of the year. Last year the first Sunday fell on the 3rd of January. Today brings back the memories of this first Sunday of 2010. It could have seemed just like any other day, but no, it was to be a day with a difference. We had ushered the year 2010 in our way away from town, it was all fun, and were back to the city on the 2nd of January. Come the morning of 3rd Jan, the first Sunday of the year, we were to go to church!
“Church??” I asked repeatedly. I could have given all the excuses not to go to church, but none was to be listened to. Fact was we had to go to church. Prior to this day, I couldn’t recall when I had lastly stepped on any church grounds. Whatever had become of me, for quite a while…That’s a story for another day…
Back to this beautiful day that was. I had been told that it was a great church this that I we were going to attend, I needed a conviction that it’s somewhere I would want to be and would be happy to be at. Having had enough of the praises of this church, over a ‘church/religious chat’ I was already interested, and was looking forward to attend.
The fact that I would be accompanied, by someone very special to me, made it all the better. Even if my heart and mind wasn’t really for it, I didn’t want to argue, as long as I was in this someone’s company, all was well. I had to tune up my heart and mind to this idea,it was easy and delightful knowing who is with me, right by my side. I got all set and soon we were off to church. The Church being Parklands Baptist Church (PBC)
Sitting on those Church pews, I felt it written all over me- amazement, awe. Amazed by the big congregation, amazed by the lively mood/spirit in Church, amazed, amazed! Come the word for the day, I may not recall what was preached, but all I know is that every word was captivating holding my full attention.
To curtail it all, it was an awesome service. During the service, I lost track of time, I just wanted it to continue. ‘You mean church can be this interesting?’, I muttered under my breath to my wonderful companion who was right there beside me.
After church, I couldn’t help talk on and on, on how great church was. I knew I had found a church, a church to be attending. For that day I was a visitor, one who even didn’t want to be recognized -I didn’t stand up when visitors for the day were called upon to do so. From then hence forth I would be a regular attendee. I assured this to my companion.

As I do this, it’s one year on from this first Sunday of 2010. I mark my first anniversary of attending services at PBC. Happy happy first anniversary being at PBC. It is a call for celebration. Looking back I see God’s work, setting it all up for me to be at PBC. I love church, church is always great. Since my first attendance, Sunday is a day to look forward to.
I am very glad that someone I hold dear, said unto me ‘Let’s go to church, to the house of the Lord. It’s the one important thing to do. Church is the place to be.’


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