Eyes Don’t Lie

She smiles brightly,
But the lips,
Is as far as,
The smile goes,
Her eyes,
A dead give away,
Dull and remorse,
Is the message they pass,

Whoever said?
Eyes don’t lie!

She tries to put up,
A bold face,
To say all’s well,
With her,
But her eyes,
Her betrayer!
They say otherwise,
The exact opposite,
Of okay,

Eyes don’t lie!

She’s been hurt,
So heartbroken,
Almost crushed,
Not a word spoken,
To anyone,
About her feelings,
After all,
Who’d be interested?
In those sorry stories,
Who’d believe her side of story?
Won’t anyone think,
It’s her fault,
She’s in that misery?
But no,
She knows better,
It happened to her,
She’ll deal with,
Her own troubles,
Until they are over,

Eyes don’t lie.



One Year On, Happy Birthday Baby!

It had been a long journey, thankfully a joyful, miraculous one; we made fun of it, at every juncture. If any mishaps, they were just slight and sustainable. With every step, it was drawing to an end. A few more days to go, call them hours, the count down was on! That was our delight. We had been imagining how it would turn out
to be.

Finally, the time that we were waiting for, expectantly looking forward to, was with us. That phase of the journey would be over and a new chapter would start.

It was this date, ‘16th December’, one year ago, the day that my girl pal would become a mother, delivering her wonderful bundle of joy into this world!

I may not have been physically there, oh, how I wish I was! My mind thoughts and all were there. With bated breath, I waited, and waited on. It was as if I was right there, pacing along those corridors, restlessly waiting for that “It is a …..” moment. Thanks to technology, that we already knew, though the actual bundle we longed to see, to hold.

The moment I got that call, seeing on the display it was my pal calling
indescribable joy filled me, sure that all was well. Telling me she had her
bundle of joy with her, her little girl, I wished I would fly right away to bewith them, to congratulate the new mom and to welcome her little one to the

It was to be a few more hours before I had the privilege to do that. Before she was one day old, I would hold her in my arms, for that, I was sure. So delighted I was, saying I was happy for my pal is an understatement!

Today, one year on, we celebrate baby Lindsey’s first birthday! HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday baby Lin’! We love you so.

It has been a great year having her around seeing God’s miracles of growth at work in her. She is doing great. As you can all see……

Little Lindsy

Wannabe geek! Isn't she lovely?

Baby Lin’, feel free to follow in your aunt’s footsteps…being geeky….I bet you’ll love it, will surely give you an early start in mentoring if you so like…I see you are kind of interested already…

Blessed is my pal, I’m honored to be aunt! Babies are amazing!

Believe in yourself

On your face,
Doors may have been slammed,
Windows alike,
In utter disregard

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

Enough regret mails,
You may have received,
Other correspondence go,
Without response,
Directly or indirectly,
You are not qualified,
For that coveted post

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

You may have been dismissed,
On grounds of,
‘Not good enough’,
Other reasons ,
You may not comprehend

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

Some have avoided you,
Friendships have been lost,
Relationships gone sour,
On basis that,
You don’t fit,
You don’t meet,
Their standards

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

You’ve received,
‘cuz of your looks,
Your appearance,
You’ve been despised

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

Things you’ve done,
Done them well,
With keenness,
Delivering result,
No one recognized,
Efforts went unappreciated,
Negative criticism

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

Suggestions you have raised,
Opinions you have aired,
Ideas you have shared,
Have been disapproved,
Down-rightly ignored,

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

You’ve been hurt,
You’ve been sad,
Your joy stolen,
Hopes and dreams,
Seemingly shattered

Believe in yourself,
Even if no one else does

Even if no one else does,
Keep believing in yourself,
Believe in Him,
Him who’s above all,
Believe He got a plan,
A plan for your welfare,

All that has been,
The hurt, the pain,
The demeaning,
Will turn out,
To be for your good

He’ll see you through,
He’ll get you around,
At last,
Victory shall be yours
All will be well

Until then,
Keep on believing…


Fret Not, Relax

You wake up with a start to find it is way past your wake up time, you overslept! You should have been up an hour earlier. As usual, you had set the wake-up time alert on but somehow you did not hear it go or you are not the clock alerts type, your mind conditions itself on wake up time but today? What happened? You prepare in rush, even skipping some of your morning grooming routine. You dash out of the house, half way to the main gate, you instinctively feel for the wallet or the phone. It’s not there! You are so upset with yourself you can’t help but grumble under your breath. All the while you are thinking ‘I’m late’. You are even concocting your explanations for your action or inaction to those who matter, whom you are answerable to.

It is common to be off course some days, you get late. You get late for work, late for oh, that so important meeting, appointment etc.. The situation suggests worry, be upset, feel troubled.

All the worry and trouble you let flow within you because of such mishaps is not worth anything, it won’t change the situation. Fact remains, you are already late .No amount of worry will rewind time.

The best thing to do is relax, find composure within self, and maintain your calm.

‘What? How do I retain calmness, while my whole life depends on this? (that which you are late for)’ Really? Your life does not depend on that. Your life depends on life itself, that your heart is still beating, and you are still breathing, that comes from He who is the giver of life, the ultimate life’s sustainer! The rest are just channels of supporting it, making it more comfortable, more like what you think life should be and He is the source of that too.

When you are making up those explanations, rushing through everything, you are bound to get yourself into more trouble and may be even incur losses, a headache, frustration, a smashed glass just to mention a few.

No matter the circumstances, fret not, invite peace within and peace will be with you.

Laundry Day, Self Pampering

I was up almost the whole of last night, since I wasn’t sleepy at all. I made it a rule not to go to bed if at all I’m not sleepy lest I’ll toss turn all night long. So, I got to bed past 3 a.m in the morning, and around 6:30 a.m I was all alert! I tried to get back to sleep, but none was forthcoming so I just checked out of bed. As I do this, I’ve been up all day. Whatever is wrong with me, I don’t know.

I wake up to a holiday, it’s been a long weekend this! On waking up, I was so full of energy, and in spirits of doing some thorough cleaning, so decided it would be my wash day,though there wasn’t much load of washing to do. It was all cloudy and chilly seemed like it would rain any time. But, I’m used to this weather tricks by now. They have become so common, so I had to go on with my washing, being sure that the weather would clear up and it would be all sunny.
Started by cleaning shoes, followed by washing clothes. I think I just love cleaning stuff and whenever working with water is involved, I like, feels like playing in water to me. It was still very dull outside when I finished washing and putting up stuff out to dry. Evidence of my washing….

Clothes on line

Laundry drying outside

Did more cleaning indoors, until I was satisfied.

By the time I was done with all the washing and scrubbing, my nails were in a bad state. They needed some pampering and some sprucing up. That I did, result……

My Red Coloured Nails

Nails in red!

I love that screaming red look, thanks to Luron #19! I have found a new love for nail polish, and I do it my self, I like it!

I had some studying to do, did a bit of it, but couldn’t concentrate for long.
Soon I was out of the house, was going to buy something but ended up with something else when I didn’t get what I was looking for. Had gone looking for trousers, wasn’t lucky to get my a fit, so ended up buying shoes!! Another pair for me there…Can’t get enough of them…

My late afternoon rushed by, handling issues with my Internet connection. Tried setting up Orange internet, failed, so fixed my Safaricom connection, serves me well. What’s more Safaricom made my day by their 50% extra data promo offer!!

Another day, gone, bringing end of 2010 closer.

That has been my day so far, time check 9 pm, it’s still far from over….I hope to get some serious sleep today though…

Jamhuri Day; How it was to me

Children Service
Today has been a great day. Church was wonderful. It was children Sunday, when children lead service in praise and worship. One word for the way they did it, ‘Amazing’. Seeing and hearing children cheerfully lead great songs in their sweet, melodious, angelic, lovely voices made praise and worship session and all other songs sang during the service all heavenly, seemingly bringing the heavens closer! Aren’t children adorable! Their innocence is so touching, if they made me feel this way how does God feel to whose Honor it is all done to? I wonder…I can only imagine….No wonder Jesus summoned children to Himself, saying “Let the children come to me, and do not keep them away, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” ~Matt10:14 , Luke 18:16 Heaven must be a real wonder if it is comparable to the loveliness of children.

There was also children dedication. Seeing parents holding their lovely bundles of joy got me thinking..Mmhhh….that’s something for another day. But just a brief …Do they realize what an honor it is to be a parent, to be used by the creator to aid Him in bringing new beings to this world for the continuity of life?

The Word
The sermon was by Pastor Ben of Membley Baptist, Nairobi. It was a great teaching based on the story of the Paralytic, it was all about the power of fellowship.

I briefly met with my church family members, Jehovah Beryth-Lord our Covenant Family. My time at church couldn’t have been complete without meeting with my vibrant daughter, and my lovely ‘shush’ in my lineage.

My Blog
I had purposed to start blogging today, as we mark Jamhuri- Independence day in Kenya. This I did, a part on my back for me, for having not put it off any longer, it’s an accomplishment…There is a lot to be done to make my space more appealing, fascinating and all. What matters is that it’s on.

Feeling so patriotic for the day, given what the day represents, I composed the two poems featuring before this post, in honour for the day!

What a way to celebrate Jamhuri Day?! Today goes into my records as a very remarkable day.

I’m loving my time here already. It’s where I’ll be doing my talking, like I just did!! Cheerz to Me!

We are Kenyans, We make Kenya

We are a people,
A people of a nation,
A people of Kenya

We are Kenyans, We make Kenya!

Kenya is our nation,
Kenya defines us,
A complete set,
We are,
As Kenyans,

We are Kenyans, We make Kenya!

Kenya is you,
Kenya is me,
We are part of Kenya,
Kenya our beloved nation,
People make a nation

We are Kenyans, We make Kenya!

In a various ways,
We may differ,
But together,
We are part,
Part of a complete set,
That is Kenya!

We are Kenyans, We make Kenya!

We have variety,
Variety of culture,
Of color,
Of style,
Of beliefs,
Of language,
Of lots more,
Our variety defines us,
Our variety is our beauty,
Variety is good,
No boredom in variety,
Our variety should be,
The strength of our nation

We are Kenyans, We make Kenya!


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