Christmas 2010; How it was for me II

Christmas Day

It’s 25th December at last, Christmas day! Happy Birthday Jesus! I didn’t have any other plans, but to go to Church for Christmas Day service. This is yet another first for me. Going to Church on Christmas day never occurred to me all these years. Service was great, I was so delighted to be in Church. I feel like all those years past are wasted years. I won’t waste time thinking of them though, they are long gone, and what I have is now. It’s now that this is happening and I want to bask in the joy of it all.

Went home after service, I thought I would sleep, so that the rest of the day would just pass by. Sleep wasn’t forthcoming in anyway, so I engaged in my pass time, tweeting, it’s become fun, I just love twitter. I then went on a calling spree, scrolling phone book and picking some people to call, I ran out of units, so I had to stop.

Thanks to my poor appetite, apparently zero appetite, I didn’t have any cooking plans.

What to do next? Can I ever just sit around doing nothing? The next thing I knew, I was doing some cleaning, washing the few dirty clothes and shoes that were there!

The sun was to be setting shortly, and Christmas day would be as good as over. I managed to have a few pictures of me taken to mark Christmas day late afternoon, before the day ended. Here’s me….


Relaxed Christmas afternoon



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