Season’s Memories; How it used to be

It is the time of the year as such as this that I never looked forward to. Mhh? Yeah, if there are dates of the year I used to dread then it was between the 21st to the 27th of December that is the Christmas week. It used to be around such a time that I would be sad despite the festivities all around. Then I was just a small girl, but growing real fast. I used to be a happy girl, but come such a time as this of the year, sadness would take over.

It was to be decided for us (my siblings and I) where the celebrations would be at. Verdict, at our granny’s place, the one place I didn’t want to go to. We used to be so many of us, with so many other cousins but this was not my idea of how I should spend this so wonderful days of the year, looked forward to by many all year long. Unlike for our cousins, our mother used not to accompany us.  It was the same thing year in year out, Christmas in what appeared to have been the set norm.

I never liked it, not at all. ‘It would be fun being with cousins and away from home’, you would think, It was never interesting. I would even cry, to be excused to stay at home, with parents! No one would hear of it though. I had my likes, my preferences, but no one would listen. My pleas went unheeded, and so I would have to drag along with the rest. If there was anything to pacify me, it used to be that new dress which was a must have specially set for Christmas day!

We would be at our granny’s where the feasting would go on. A goat or two would go down come such a day like this 24th December, plus there would be a lot of cooking on 24th/25th, food and more food….

’ Is this all there is to Christmas, food in plenty and variety? ’ I would ask myself. Much as I would be amidst others doing all that there was to be done, deep within, I would be in my own world, escaping to my ideals of celebrations in my child’s mind then….

© @FlicShis


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